Minimum – Smash Routine


Taken from their earlier four track EP, Smash Routine is the first single and for many introduction to UK band Minimum. The song is a fiery and engaging mix of alternative rock and electro with bulging rampaging riffs flying alongside flames of electronica seeded melodic heat which easily captures the imagination and raises the appetite to find out and hear more from the band, especially the earlier release which spawns the track.

Consisting of Jak Stephens (vocals/guitar/electronics), Andy Cheadle (bass/vocals), and Philip Broadhead (drums), the Birmingham band formed in 2010 with its members already friends for a few years after meeting in college. Bringing varied individual inspirations such as the likes of Deftones, Rage Against The Machine, Beastie Boys and many more, the trio has earned an impressive reputation for their live performances, events which are consistently labelled as manic. Their EP released at the end of last year certainly sparked interest if still being missed by a great many but you cannot avoid the feeling that once Smash Routine clashes with and ignites the ears of the country their ‘secrecy’ will soon be lost.

A sparkling shower of electro dazzle falls from the skies of the song to welcome in the listener before the guitars trail their classy a1716504157_2flames across the expanse and warm vocals backed by small but inviting harmonies wrap their temptation around the ear. It is a pleasing and irresistible start soon cemented and strengthened by the darker tone brought to the guitar and prowling shadow lurking bass lure. The vocals of Stephens equally unleash a depth of snarl which catches and wakes the senses from the initial mesmeric glaze to mark an evolved muscular confrontation seamlessly emerging. With the bass of Cheadle groaning with resonating enticement and the riffs making way for a scorching ambience whilst the rhythms of Broadhead add additional punch to their mighty swipes, it is an impressive and unexpected aside which soon sweeps and guides the listener back into the riotous and magnetic arms of the chorus and the infectious melodic weaves.

Like a mix of Mind Museum, Muse, and My Preserver, Smash Routine is an excellent single which makes Minimum easily stand out within UK electro rock. It is hard not to imagine the band moving on to stake a strong stance and reputation across the future especially if their forthcoming ideas and invention takes seed from the sounds and structure built by Smash Routine.


RingMaster 10/06/2013

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  1. best unsigned band in the world !

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