Welcome The Howling Tones – Eyes To Hypnotise / Broken Man

Welcome the Howling Tones

Make way for another band, on the evidence of their debut single, that will be lighting up British rock and stretching its boundaries and appeal to new irresistible plateaus in the future. The band is Welcome The Howling Tones, a quartet from Farnborough, who employ contagious riffs, heavily plated grooves, and blues lined soul bred enterprise to stoke up a distinctive fire which smoulders and burns with insatiable hunger. The double A-sided Eyes To Hypnotise / Broken Man is their first introduction to the nation and world, and an entrance which within moments of its tempting tantalising of the ear and emotions you know it is just the appetiser for greater incendiary things to come…no pressure lads.

It seems the seeds of the band started with rhythm guitarist Pauly T who regularly jammed with drummer Lawrence Arnold and numerous local musicians including bassist Chris Gilday. One session led to Gilday trying out guitar who consequently was persuaded to take that role in the emerging band such his prowess. This led to a search for a replacement four string exponent who arrived in the shape of bassist/vocalist Iain “Cat Scratch” Turner. Pulling on a passion for blues, rock, metal, funk and much more, Welcome the Howling Tones stepped forth fully last year and have not looked back since one suspects. Just completing an April tour with Godsized on top of their own shows, the band has earned strong and eager whispers which surely will turn to loud acclaim as the recently released single reaches more and more willing ears.

     Eyes to Hypnotise sizes up the ear with a distant guitar riff before leaping into clarity framed by drum slaps and bass growls. It is a1484196761_2the beginning of a compelling and scintillating cruise of voracious energy and thrilling enterprise. The bass and drums are soon commanding the ears, taking them and the senses on a ride of formidable and slightly intimidating mastery whilst laying the canvas for the guitars to imprint their colour rich sonic endeavour and imagination. With vocals which dance across the track with swagger and vibrant expression, and an irresistible groove which ebbs and flows but never leaves the passions alone to take a breath, the song is as virulent as it is impressively crafted and layered with melodic and inventive flames. A mix of Red Fang, Eagles Of Death Metal, and Wildhearts with a breath of classic metal, it is a sizzling voyage of excellence.

Companion song Broken Man starts off with the best moment on a nothing but impressive release, its blues/noise combo rife with discord and blistering sonic temptation, and the tap to lustful ardour. Into its stride the song coaxes thoughts and emotions with a weave of stoner and desert rock that erupts into spires of intensity and captivating imagination. It is pure seduction which licks at the heart and will certainly incite the most instinctive enamour of all rock fans. Again riffs and the excellent rhythmic enticement provided by Turner and Arnold sculpt the perfect landscape for the vocals and ever evolving melodies plus varied guitar blazes to invent further vibrant voices.

Both tracks are nothing less than blazing triumphs and the start of a very fruitful and rewarding future for Welcome The Howling Tones and thus us. Do not wait though, make this single the time to join their certain rise, you will not regret it.



RingMaster 06/06/2013


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