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If you are someone afraid or reluctant to face your deepest fears through aural provocation than staying away from the BCD split release is probably your wisest move this year but if staring into the unknown and dealing with infernal incitement sounds like it is for you than this surprising and uncomfortable release might just be your gateway to invigorating adventure…or insanity.

The release features four bands which instigate primal and sonic hostility upon the senses to spark intimate, exhausting, and imaginative violating atrocities. It is not an easy listen, and to be honest at times leaves you wondering why you stood before its malevolence as you lay whimpering in your molten synapses and emotional debris, but throughout the trio of Dethcentrik, Corkscrew No 4453556, Imperfect, and B.A.M.H. offer more than enough rewarding enterprise and vitriolic temptation to want to suffer and feast on its menace again and again.

B.A.M.H. open up the release with the excellent haunting tones of Eternal Sin. The band is an electrogrind project from Texas around founder Kolton Primeaux and as their contribution here shows it is a project which uses ambiences in tandem with sonic destruction. The track starts with a discord teased piano invitation, its presence offering a sepia coloured atmosphere of old and sinister suggestion. It is soon speared by a caustic sonic lance of sound which opens up a fissure for a rasping harsh wind of melodic distress and concentrated rhythmic primal assault to lay out their caustic declarations. It is a viciously snarling encounter from this point on which is unrelenting in its ravenous chewing until its departure.

The following Zero Day walks the same portentous scenery as its predecessor, unveiling more of the distorted reality before crushing it under a tsunami of treacherous and carnivorous rhythmic hatred and sonic entrapment. It is painful and disorientating but like a drug tantalises thoughts and visions to make a play for clarity. Imagine Eraserhead the movie on LSD and you get an idea of what the invention of B.A.M.H. entails. The rest of their offerings bring their own individual bedlam with Raping Your Corpse featuring Nolon Lawrence especially standing out with its great guttural swinish vocals gnawing on the ear.

Imperfect, the electronica alias of Californian Adam Davis, offers just the one song in the corrosive electronic shape of The Wanderer and features BAMH within its blistered squall of sound. It is a song which leaves an undecided view on its intensive embrace, the stark harmonic mix of vocals with their acid burn of a touch and the equally scathing sounds working well in their own right but together make an uneasy union but maybe that is the intention. It is hard to tell and say if it was enjoyed or not but certainly it offers enough to want to check out more.

Next up Corkscrew No 4453556 bring something different again to the release starting with Fatal Armpit Job. The band started by Zabuba Nevresky in 2009 and basing their songs on Hermeticism, creates what is self-penned as experimental guttural dancecore, and after standing eye to eye with their opening track alone it is the perfect description of the pummelling confrontation. Nintendo electro spots poke the ear first as gently concussive beats and infectious dance seeded enticement explores the senses. It is soon overturned and swept aside as resonating predatory yawning leviathans of noise and intensity lay heavily upon the senses before just as quickly leaving themselves to allow the opening dance to end things off. The destructive middle part of the track reminds of the band The Devilzwork which is never a bad thing and leaves an appetite open for the following N.D.A.L. and Symphony of Ditto’s Carnage. The first emerges from a warning siren to ravage and torment with again a sonic tempest of synapse diseasing invention whilst the second is a caustic aftermath of what came before taking over the now exploitable wasteland beyond the ear. Both are mere breaths in length but add to an impressive experience provided by the band.

Dethcentrik is an industrial metal band which was formed in Colorado in 2009 by vocalist Stefan “Død Beverte” Klein, and guitarists Justin Torres and Michael Glass. Line-up changes were rife in the band and led to the project being put on hiatus before returning in 2011 with guitarist Gunner “Jackie T” Harkey alongside Klein. With an ever evolving sound since returning, the band hits this split with a wall of intensive destruction in their first track The Beast Escapes. It is a furious sonic hug which obliterates any peace still left in the air as its heart, the beast, explores avenues to freedom, eventually settling upon a more restrained but no less intrusive wrap of malevolence. Like previous tracks it has no mercy for the ear just as equally neither has the following Visitors, its own haunting danger and temptation coursing with sinister portents and threatening breath, though the danger is behind a constant sonic veil. Through the initially brutal and then suffocating Airlock and Factory Ghosts the band lay out more expanses of post-apocalyptic like scarring whilst closing track The Machine Continues To Churn is a final lingering savage ambience leaving deeper fears and provocative shadows.

Released by Død Incarnate Records this is definitely not a release for everyone but driven by extreme invention and creativity honed into a ferocious diversity brought my raging artistic minds, this split has plenty of rewards for those daring to face its turmoil.





RingMaster 23/05/2013

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