The Howling Tongues – Keep The Dust Down

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If you have an appetite for some old school rock n roll with vibrant resonance musically and passionately dripping from every note and element then Atlanta rockers The Howling Tongues is the band for you. Taking rich influences from the likes of Led Zeppelin, The Who, The Raconteurs, Band of Skulls, and Black Keys into their own distinctive ideas and adventure, the quintet leave thoughts and emotions aflame with their ‘Southern Rock & Roll Revivalist Movement’. This is a band on a rapid rise since forming two years ago and their EP Keep The Dust Down giving all the evidence as to why.

Ignited into action as a band in 2011 by guitarist Nick Magliochetti, vocalist Taylor Harlow, and drummer Tylor James, they soon recruited bassist Zach Smith and keyboardist Thomas Wainwright as the project instantly took off. An early EP and their live performances garnered a hungry and rapidly growing fanbase for their sound as they filled and lit up notable venues such as The Vinyl and The Hard Rock, their sound, self-termed as “no regret rock-n-roll”, igniting a greedy appetite in fans for more. Keep The Dust Down is their response, a six track burst of insatiable rock with loud guitars, thumping drums, and fiery melodics primed to ignite the passions. Recorded with top producer Tom Tapley, the release easily backs up the claim of a great many that the band is destined to be a household name in the very near future, as well as sparking the mightiest anticipation for their debut album currently being recorded and mixed for a release later this year.

The EP opens with a song whose title says it all, Party. Swaggering into view with stick beats and a lone beckoning guitar, the trackhowling tongues explodes into a muscular stroll of scuzz lined riffs and throaty bass calls within a cage of rhythmic sinews and acid warm keys. Taking a breath for the vocals of Harlow to start their lyrical declaration with an effect coating to his expressive delivery, the song stomps its rhythmic feet and waves a welcoming sonic finger at the emotions which is irresistible. There is wantonness to the stirring and sturdy spine of the song whilst the keys and melodic caresses within the riotous breath bring virulently infectious sultry temptation.  The track dances like a combination of The Black Keys, Kings Of Leon, and Eighteen Nightmares At The Lux, leaving no passion and primal urge untouched.

The single from the release Makes You Tick  walks up to the ear with bulging beats from James offering a hypnotic lure to trigger instant intrigue before the guitar flashes its singular persuasion.  Once the outstanding vocals of Harlow and the keys of Wainwright bring their flames to the surface of the song the seduction is in full swing and reinforced by the outstanding bass invention of Smith, his dark grizzly notes prowling and enticing the senses with imagination and devilment. Like its predecessor the song has a confidence which recruits full captivation of ear and thoughts whilst the inventive textures and shifting gait of the track are incendiary temptations to fall hungrily before.

Both Nagasaki and One-Eye’d Barber induce further glee with their thrilling enterprise and imaginative blues enriched escapades, the first a track bringing stronger ripples of vintage breath, its engrossing melodic theatrics and again inciting swagger offering thoughts of the likes of Led Zeppelin and The Black Keys as well as in lesser strength other such as The Doors and Kyuss, whilst the second of the two is a slower emotive heat of intent and passion. It is as all the songs, locked in a mesh of formidable and enslaving rhythmic strength which entraps the listener so the potently expressive outpouring of the vocal and melodic narrative from the heart of the offering can seize the fullest focus and welcome.

The bass of Smith leaves more gravelly paws on the ear as next up Alibi sizes up the listener before strutting straight on through to the emotions with the guitar of Magliochetti scoring with impressive riffs and inventive teasing hand in hand with the continually outstanding bass taunting. Once the great vocal harmonies slip into play with scintillating variation to court the equally magnetic keys, the track stands to its full height with compelling and contagious grandeur consequently inducing a large sigh of bliss between its departure and final song José No Sé, yet another to induce predator strong greed for much more.

Keep The Dust Down is an exceptional release which makes the wait for the album impatient and probably irritable for you can never get enough of a good thing and that is certainly what The Howling Tongues bring. That idea of the band being a household name has certainly got impressive legs to its charge after this.

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Axecatcher – Sparks & Spears

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If in a rare moment of lucid insanity you wondered what standing eye to eye with an electric paint stripper would be like once its switch was flicked Sparks & Spears from Irish sonic aggravators Axecatcher gives you the most vivid representation of the effect. Caustically malevolent and abrasively determined, the four track EP is an impressive and inciting fury with addiction causing sounds to back up its unbridled passion.

Hailing from Limavady, the hardcore driven trio of vocalist/guitarist Ryan Montgomery, bassist/backing vocals Colin Wilson, and drummer Danny Kane, has taken no time since forming in late 2011 in recruiting an ardent and passionate following for their heavy, intrusive, and merciless sound with acclaim not far behind especially with the release of their first single, the seven minute senses aggressor The Odalisque in the July of last year. The track drew strong attention their way which Sparks & Spears will only build upon and accelerate with its recent release via the excellent Belfast label Savour Your Scene Records digitally and as a limited cassette.

From the opening scrub of guitar bringing Circle Pit Roller Derby into focus, there is a sense of animosity and belligerence in the axecatcher-coverair but also a feeling of irresistible compulsion soon reinforced by the expulsion of squalling acidic vocals from Montgomery, punchy rhythms, and a groove which gnaws at the ear with immediate contagion. Bass and guitar make a vociferous call within the fiery assault, their temptation relatively familiar but extremely potent whilst the vocals continue to leave a raw and uncomfortable challenge to accept or fall before. The track has a rich breath of punk to its harsh muscular ferocity, like a mix of Cancer Bats and early Therapy?, and leaves the appetite burning for more which is soon rewarded with the following Seismic Toss.

Thrusting intense riffs and again crisp enslaving rhythms at the ear, the song unleashes an additional sonic scarring as deep and rich as the corrosive vocals accompanying it, all within a sturdy but less predatory rock confrontation compared to the punk attitude of its predecessor. As the song expands its persistent grazing it moves shuffles its gait without losing any of the passionate intensity and flesh peeling almost feral hunger, the track initially charging at the senses like a downhill aimed sinew clad missile before emerging as a doom lined rapacious prowl both with the equal result of full submission to its intent.

Methuselah is the best track on the release, a twisted conspiracy of deliciously infectious sonic fuelled grooves and a cleaner but still confrontational vocal attack this time from Wilson. The track is so brief, too short to be honest with an audible groan expelled here as it finishes its impressive presence in under a minute, but again shows the extent of imagination and even greater promise within Axecatcher and their songwriting. The track leaves the strongest lustful greed in tow for the EP and further tempests from the band, its evolving presence and ridiculously persuasive enterprise alone a reason for marking the band in the centre of one’s attentive radar.

The final song Youfinder also reveals further strength in the creativity of the band, its sirenesque sonic entrapment wrapped in an intense wash of melodic temptation and aggressive passion fired up further by the searing scourge of vocals from Montgomery, his touch arguably going to be a do or die encounter for many but certainly as essential to the heart of the sound as the excellently crafted music itself.

Sparks & Spears is a strongly impressive announcement of a band which has all the potential and suggested weaponry to bring a new blood and breath to hardcore. Axecatcher will also not be taking any prisoners in their destined ascent as shown by this excellent EP.


RingMaster 10/03/2013

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Antipope – 3 Eyes Of Time


With more grooves than a tyre wall at Silverstone, 3 Eyes of Time the new album from Finnish harsh progressive metal band Antipope is an intriguing mix of flavours and spices within a weave of eclectic metal influences. Awash with vibrant melodies and pleasing progressive enterprise it is a release which ignites plenty of appetite for the band and whilst not being the best or most original record to step forth over recent months it is undoubtedly one of the most enjoyable.

Formed in 2004, the Oulu band have always been aside of most extreme metal bands, essences of black and death metal standing side by side with those of doom, gothic, and industrial metal within a continually evolving landscape of ideas from the band. After numerous EPs and demos Antipope drew the strongest attention with their debut album Desert which was released in 2010 on their own TCM Records. It was followed by the band signing with Violent Journey Records for the follow-up House of Harlot the following year and also this their third full length. Their second album saw the band create an even more groove laden collection of songs which 3 Eyes Of Time pushes further within its rich wealth of shadows and rapacious sound. The new release also sees vocalist Mikko Myllykangas take on bass duties after fellow band founder Santtu Heinilehto left the band in 2012, and leaves an eager wash of satisfaction for its imagination capturing escapades.

Opening song Close makes its introduction with a melodic beckoning of a singular guitar which smacks of The Eurythmics song Antipope_800Sweet Dreams, it is a heavily shadowed lure with bass in tow soon joined by a magnetic sonic tease and the expressive vocals of Myllykangas offering a slight Marilyn Manson feel. Once settled into its place the track wraps emotive arms around the ear whilst the vocalist moves through varied deliveries to bring a pleasing and unpredictable voice to the melodic wash now in charge of the still attention grabbing sinews. It is not a startling encounter but a strong and satisfying beginning to the release which passes over to the excellent Last Chance.

Guitar and bass immediately provoke and niggle the ear with compelling temptation whilst concussive beats begin their offering to the brewing sense of antagonism. What follows is a tempest of demanding but thrilling rhythmic and riff laden hunger lain with potent melodic endeavour and power metal like embraces. Admittedly the song ebbs and flows with the insistent and industrial honed urgency leaving the appetite greedy whilst the gentler flames incites a drop in intensity to the brewing ardour but it all goes to make the song imaginative and enthralling.

The following stroll of electronic and gothic metal fusion The River Standing Still, keeps attention firmly gripped, its heavy shadows and symphonic whispers expressing a temptation which is rich and teasing whilst the solo and melodic invention leaves a healthy desire for more. There is a sense of The New Jacobin Club to the dramatic presence of the song which asks and gets stronger involvement in its narrative whilst the following likes of the Fear Factory/ Type O Negative sounding Burn with riveting rhythms from drummer Tuska E. adding stronger addiction to the thrillingly carved textures from guitarists Juho Rikberg and Antti Karjalainen, the mix of smouldering atmospherics and fiery invention that is Exposure, and A Decomposing Ritual of Absorption all offer variation and refreshing individuality to the album. The last of these three is a prowling and consuming sinew veined cloud of blackened progressiveness and melodic acidity dripping emotive provocation and inciting expression.

With both The Logic of Self-Discovery and closer Guiding Light bringing further potent highlights to the album, the last a brawling insurgence of thrash filtered intimidation with sonic intrigue and melodic magnetism, 3 Eyes Of Time leaves a full stomach of pleasure and invigorating creative energy. It can be argued it also leaves a feeling of a lost opportunity in its wake as throughout there is a feeling that songs could have been pushed into greatness and adventure but it does offer complete enjoyment which is impossible to dismiss.


RingMaster 10/05/2013

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