Parading The Dirt: an interview with Spunk Volcano of Dirt Box Disco

photo by Phil King

photo by Phil King

The recent release of their second album Peoplemadeofpaper, confirmed what a great many already new, that UK punks Dirt Box Disco is the future of punk n roll. Following up their equally impressive debut Legends, the Burton on Trent quintet has grown into a formidable, mischievous, and thrilling conspiracy to have fun for fans and music in general. Fresh from their appearance on the recent Misfits UK tour, we grabbed guitarist Spunk Volcano to find out what we could about the band and their album and that tour.

Hi Spunk and welcome to the site, cheers for taking time to chat with us.

Hard to believe I know but for those still unaware of Dirt Box Disco, can you firstly introduce the band and tell us about how it all began?

I think dirtbox was started when someone was sick and tried to make little figures out of the sick mess then a witch put a spell on it and we came to life.

What is the musical history of the members before the band?

I don’t have any history. I think Deadbeatz Chris was in Ken Dodds backing group in the 70s and Weab played banjo on a few Kylie minge records. Danny Fingers writes dirty music for sex films. Fazzo used to play for Rod Jane and Freddy from Rainbow when they toured live. Crazy times.

Musically and visually you are larger than life, putting fun and urgency back into musical rampage, but truthfully you are quiet retiring types right?

Yes we are very quiet and sometimes so quiet we whisper and fall asleep. Like fish.

Since those early days as a band how would you say you have evolved musically up to the new album Peoplemadeofpaper?554827_564645460223736_243029864_n

I think it’s the same. We just play. No plan. No evolution. We try a tune, if we like it, it stays. The thing that’s changed is more people get to hear ‘em.

Has your intent and purpose within the band changed as you continue to grow towards being one of the major names of UK punk rock?

Naaaaa. Still same. Make a good cd; throw yourself into your shows 101%, OR DON’T BOTHER. People don’t want to come to a show that’s boring, they wanna smile and sing and feel part of something!!!

As mentioned you are about to release your excellent new album Peoplemadeofpaper. Having just come off a number of dates with Misfits and Goldblade does this feel like it does for us, like a moment where things are at that edge of exploding into greater maelstroms of awareness?

Dunno it could be trapped wind haha. It’s hard to judge other peoples opinion unless it’s written down for u to see. If people are out there saying good stuff then great.

In our review of Peoplemadeofpaper, we said the album was not striking on from your previous gem Legends but was a sister slab of mischievousness in quality and intent; a fair comment?

Yes, it’s Dirtbox!!! We’re never going to be ground-breaking but we will be consistent and enjoy every minute of it.

Previous release Legends is an album which thrust you into the greater recognition and passions of a great many, did its success made you look at the new album differently when writing and recording it?

Difficult second album, more of the same, dunno what you do? We just jammed it out, aimed for the singsong jugular and kicked off! Nothing different as far as I’m aware, but I am special ….

Did you learn anything from the previous album and its creation which you used to greater effect for Peoplemadeofpaper?

Make sure you can tell what people are singing. People like singing in the car. Make the album sleeve colourful. Swear words are naughty. Dirtbox is too rude for kids. Kids like rude things.

How does the songwriting work within the band and what inspires your ideas and songs? Any substance to the rumour it is alcohol and lusty ladies? 😉

It works like this, I write a song. They say if they like it, yes or no.  We crack on and make it superior. Main inspiration is being a nutter. Just close your eyes, it’s all there ……

Is there any particular track or moment on the new album which makes you a little prouder than you are for the rest of the release?

“I wanna kiss or finger fuck you” from Top Shelf. A Very rude thing to put in a song but it captures the moment of confused teenage hormonal stress, I couldn’t explain any other way. Minge.

dbd2As mentioned earlier you have just played a number of dates with the Misfits, how did that come about?

The Misfits rang us up and said please come and open up our shows ‘cos we’re your biggest fans and we’ve got all your records and we’ve got Dirtbox tattoos and posters all over our houses and we sing your songs as we go to bed and we love you so much it makes us cry. That’s true, that’s what happened.

Is this your biggest experience live to date in regards to consistent crowd size and fervour as well as bringing new fans to the cause?

Yes it is, and it was ace!! The Misfits were great to us and Goldblade too. We had a top tour.

How did the legends themselves feel about being blown away each night by your good selves? 😉

Didn’t happen, they are legendary. Each to their own opinion on that one but we did ok.

You are a band which obviously is always looking forward and not back but any sense of an anti-climax once the Misfits shows were over?

It was terrible when it finished. We all started crying, we were devastated. We tried to kill ourselves in the dressing room by drinking cilit bang!!!! Then I got taken away and told to write album 3 asap!!!

Talking of live shows, your songs all have an anthemic irresistibility which ensures each has a passionate following as fan favourites. Therefore you will eventfully disappoint some at shows by omitting their personal passions, do you at all feel guilty? Ha-ha

That’s already started; you can only play so many songs in 30 / 40 mins. Loads of good ones tho’ 😉

In our recent interview with Charlie Harper we talked about whether bands today underestimate their fans adventure so avoid or are scared of trying new veins and directions in their music. Dirt Box Disco is a band which does stretch its self within that as mentioned anthemic skill it has; this is an important aspect for you as musicians as well  one suspects.

There is no other direction for Dirt Box Disco. It is punk rock n roll!! Dirt box or die! Like it lump it.

You gig constantly, have a hunger to perform and give a good time to all. Has it become more difficult to keep up your live presence over the past years or are bands that do say it has just making excuses for their lack of drive do you think?dbd3

We love playing live. It’s why we’re here. We try to do as much as possible. It’s always been about us and the crowd coming together for a fantastic super singsong!!!

You are not a band which is seemingly demandingly political with your music certainly compared to other genre bands, but there is a middle finger attitude which can rival any if need be within your music. Are there times you feel like putting the world to rights with a stronger voice musically?

Other bands do the political stuff much better than we could. There are bits and bobs and the odd song but we’re more about a big general fuck this, let’s have some fun!!!

What is next from and for the lustful deviancy of Dirt Box Disco?

Album 3 next April, got a Xmas song in me pocket, loads of great shows. That’s quite good.

Again a big thanks for chatting with us, any last thoughts, words, or antagonism you would like to leave us?

People should go out to watch bands live to get the full effect. Watching them on YouTube is bollocks and doesn’t give u the fair result.

..And finally tell us a dirty secret which emerged on the Misfits tour from yourselves or the headliners.

All the Misfits wear glasses. Shocker!!!!! Cheers SPUNK V x

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The Amenta – Flesh is Heir


Standing over the ear like a colossus and preying on any weakness it finds, Flesh is Heir the new album from Australian extreme metallers Amenta is a leviathan of craft and intensity. Bringing harsh exploration and black hearted adventure in all it offers, the release is one of the most scintillating and frightening aural predators to emerge in quite a time.

Formed in 2002 by Erik Miehs (guitars) and Timothy Pope (noise and fx), The Amenta has moved on massively since their initial black metal invention, their sound evolving and gaining an almost organic life of its own as through their releases the band stretched and pushed not only themselves and the listener into darker nastier and more rewarding corners, but extreme metal itself. Making an immediate impression with their Mictlan MCD the year of forming, the band next signed with Listenable Records who released their debut album Occasus in 2004, the record showing a sense of avant-garde irreverence and boundary challenging brutal invention which has expanded and brought the Sydney based quintet to the fore of experimental and uncompromising aural devastation. Through the likes of n0n in 2008 and the EP Chokehold of 2012, as well as V01D which was a collection of re-recorded older tracks, instrumentals and remixes and released a year earlier than the EP, the band has unleashed a continuing and growing furnace of deep anger, violent malevolence, and rapacious invention. Flesh is Heir is the pinnacle of that and their creativity so far, an album which is schizophrenic in its touch and overwhelming in its breath, but most of all a towering tsunami of dangerous imagination which simply consumes the passions.

From the opening avalanche of sound and intensity of the title track, Flesh Is Heir ravages the senses and emotions, its collision of jpeg;base6468fdb303da42b20dall strains of extreme noise and craft honed into an onslaught of insidious manipulation and intrusion.  It opens on, in hindsight after what follows throughout the album, a relatively restrained embrace, the guitar of Miehs gently gnawing on the ear with sonic persistence whilst riffs offer a scathing stare backed up by the heavy tones of bass from Dan Quinlan. It is slightly unsettling but with enough respect to allow the listener to take a grip before the sense of impending ferocity. As the guttural growls and throaty of scowls of Cain Cressall step into the mix with pure intimidation and the rhythms of drummer Robin Stone cage and press with raptorial pedigree, the track seems to take one deep breath before savaging the senses . It is a feral intensity driving the creative and perpetually shifting attack, the band coming at its victim from all angles and depths for a full submission whilst rewarding with striking and enriching imagination. There is a beauty to the song which seduces, guided by the excellent temptation of Pope and his keys, whilst the rest of the track vociferously chews on the emotional carcass.

Through Ego Ergo Sum and Teeth, the release continues to dazzle and intrude, the first capturing the imagination with an electronic ambience of haunting temptation within another ferocity of unpredictable and thrilling enterprise wrapped in annihilatory intensity whilst its successor has a psychotic bedlamic heart which excites and disorientates whilst once more leaving the deepest scars with its primal animosity and barbarity. Whereas the second song on the release is a strong companion to the opener this track lifts the band and album to another level of threatening enticement such its delicious invention drenched in carnal hunger. From the song the instrumental A Womb Tone takes over and it is sensational.  The keys of Pope taking emotions through a hypnotic yet nightmarish realm, the suffocating ambience and distorted breath from the resonating pulse of the piece, the darkest compelling shadow and fear to endure and greedily enjoy.

As songs such as the industrial tinged merciless Sewer, the sonically engaging but wholly vicious The Argument, and the scintillating Cell, unveil their malicious beauty a full rapture for the album is ignited. It is a challenging and uncomfortable journey but as evocative and enthralling as possible, the latter of this trio of songs especially engrossing with its soundscape of emotional struggle and ingenious sonic bred alchemy. Lyrically the album stems from ‘the constant war in the human psyche between the faction that desires obliteration and the faction that struggles in the mud’, and this song is just one triumph laying the ugly side of man in a rapturous irresistible lure.

Passing through the maiming assault of Disintegrate and another riveting distressed ambient world of instrumental A Palimpesest, the album offers a final triumph in Tabula Rasa, the track a fire of crippling rhythms, carnivorous riffs, and synapse scoring sonics all held in rein by the exhausting vocal attack of Cressall. It completes an outstanding and inspiring album which fires up the passions and sets a high plateau for other extreme noise protagonists to aim for, though there will be few to equal the impressiveness of The Amenta right now one suspects.


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