Swampstomper – Dirty Black Boots

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The beginnings of Swampstomper according to the bio came about as vocalist and guitarist Paul ‘Wildheart’ Brightmann submitted and had his song Subtract and Divide placed last October on the excellent compilation album ME4, a release made up of the best artists bursting out from the Medway area of the UK. Building on that with the intent of taking his songs live, he next recruited guitarist Jason Spencer and bassist Kevin Hutchins to be followed by drummer Drew Gilby. The next six weeks brought the same number of songs in tow and the band immediately grabbing attention as they unleashed their unique rock and punk fusion to a rapidly growing fan base, from which point they have not looked back. Dirty Black Boots is their latest song, a demo track which alone makes all the persuasion needed to keep the band on tight radar.

The Chatham quartet also bring a strong whisper of psychobilly and garage punk to their almost intimidating sound, its menacing breath and hunger inescapable within the uncomplicated yet defined individuality. Dirty Black Boots is the perfect introduction to their shadowed invention, a song seeded in old school UK punk but with The Cramps like rawness which leaves thoughts and emotions on full and eager alert.

Footsteps lead the ear into the song, their tone or appeal nothing out of the ordinary but a temptation too strong to resist. Their lure lands the ear in the arms of thumping beats and coarse riffs, their embrace familiar yet new and seeded in a flavour you could imagine from a band such as Vibrators or 999. It is with the delicious irresistible hooked bass stroll of Hutchins though that the song truly comes alight, the guitars raising their presence to join in league with its dark voice and also that of Brightmann’s dark, gruff compelling style, the elevated intent shaping the track into an even more addictive beast. Now into its stride, the song is a blaze of wanton temptation and irrepressible hooks, as well as offering a groove through the verses which winds the passions around its feisty spine.

A song impossible to resist the infection of and very easy to add your own personal vocal assistance to, Dirty Black Boots leaves only one option in its tow, well two, firstly to play it again…and again, and secondly to place Swampstomper in full line of vision from here on in. Great song from a band who you can only suspect will have the fullest and brightest horizon.




RingMaster 08/05/2013


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