Steve Folk – Urban Fox

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Urban Fox is the new single from Steve Folk (AKA Steve Thompson of Blabbermouth), a song which travels the senses and emotions whilst transporting them on a peaceful stroll through descriptive warm embraces. The track like its author’s lifestyle, he and his wife travelling the waterways on their roaming canal boat, is a picturesque and passionate narrative with a simplicity which seduces and plays with the affections.

With a trio of albums behind him, two via Hobgoblin Records and the third a self-release on his own Blabbermouth Records, Folk has graced countless festivals such as the Sidmouth Folk Festival, The Crawley Folk Festival, and Wadebridge Folk Festival, played across the UK as well as performed in the US and many European countries, and supported artists such as Seth Lakeman, Sam Carter, The Magic Numbers, and Show of Hands to name a few. He is also a renowned busker only playing his own material which on the evidence of Urban Folk will be a pleasing attention stealer for all encountering him on the streets.

The single celebrates city life and the need for a retreat, its gentle and infectious descriptive waltz upon the ear painting a beauty which one suspects a great many are blind to these days. Then again that is what people like Steve Folk are here for as well as to excite and ignite the emotions. The song sways with a smiling energy whilst the guitar crafts its own visual paint box of emotive colours for the listener to casts their own individual imagery from the lyrical palette box offered. It is a lovely little embrace which becomes more contagious with each inspiring hug.

Accompanying the song is a track called Home, a sequel to the lead track which takes the story on with a returning walk to the beginnings of the release, the sultry strings providing a tempting sunset to the guitar and vocals of the artists and its predecessor. The single as a whole is like a day in the smouldering arms of summer, the first song offering the first spring of day moving through its heated afternoon whilst the second brings a closing evening reflection of what came before and appreciation of what the day and narrator has in his heart.

Urban Fox is a great release which will deservedly find a place in the affections of most given the chance.


RingMaster 28/04/2013


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