A Sudden Vengeance Waits – The Rising Cost Of Free Speech EP


The Rising Cost Of Free Speech EP form Welsh punks A Sudden Vengeance Waits is a release ready to brawl with the ear, senses, and anything else or one it can get its riotous hands on. It is also beneath the live raw and abrasive surface a forceful confrontation which reeks of potent promise.

Hailing from South Wales, the quintet of vocalist Peran Bennetts (aka Piranha), guitarists Dan Magonk and Tom Connor, bassist Rob Tornya, and Jon Swain on drums, has earned their sonic knuckle dusters through experiences playing in the likes of Black Eye Riot, Da Capo, Four Letter Word, Energetically Challenged, The Bundy Men, In The, The One Chord Wonders, and Smash TV. A Sudden Vengeance Waits sees the bruising musicians forge an assault from the blend of punk and hardcore driven by some of the most potent and filthy rock n roll riffs available to the imagination. The EP is an unpolished and merciless fury upon the ear but beneath that surface abrasion it shines and begs to be given the richest of opportunities to really rip its heart out and recruit the passions.

Opener Blast Pattern Of The Blunderbuss emerges within a sonic niggle whilst throaty riffs stretch their sinews for the impending explosion of intensity and attack. Into its stride the vocals of Bennetts squall with Harperesque provocation whilst the drums bitch-slap the ear from within the caustic rub of guitar persistence. The bass of Tornya adds its own deep growl to the track and with the thumping beckoning and inventive course the song takes it all elevates the contagion of the song.

The Huntsman follows and immediately is gnawing on the senses with a deliciously predatory bass snarl and equally eager to consume riffs. Slipping into an intensive groove and air squeezing sonic acidity with vocals to venomously match, the song persuades with infectiousness which is irresistible and a barracking rock n roll attitude which sets up the emotions for recruitment to its uncomplicated yet passionate cause. Barely has it departed then Drag Me Down leaps at the ear with equally hungry intent in its rampage, the song a cacophony of bone splintering rhythms, heavily tuned bass insistence, and rasping grasping vocals, individually and as a combined storm. As its predecessors the track provides a hook impossible to refuse and sets up the rest of the EP with a new greed.

The Rising Cost Of Free Speech is completed by firstly Unite And Fight, a distortion fuelling addiction causing tempest of prime punk rock, vocals and riffs an easy temptation to devour and its discordant groove an insurance plan to seduce the passions in case the other elements still leave doubt, and Hiding To Nothing. The closing track sums up the release perfectly, toxically unrelenting, flesh scarring, attitude spitting, and completely insatiable in its hunger and the appetite it ignites in the listener.

Admittedly the EP is really only going to appeal to genre fans, its punk destructive tones certainly with the demo quality and pure rawness of the sound not going to persuade the undedicated, but The Rising Cost Of Free Speech has plenty to inspire the suggestion that in the right environment they have a triumph in them which many many more will fall before. For the now A Sudden Vengeance Waits certainly has us convinced.



RingMaster 25/04/2013


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