Ron McElroy – World At War

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Singer/songwriter/guitarist Ron McElroy has earned a wealth of experience from years playing with other artists such as Trouble Over Tokyo and Amber Bella Muse, as well as making notable collaborations with the likes of Juliette Lewis, and Isabella Summers (Florence & the Machine), and writing songs with people such as with Sian Evans (DJ Fresh, Kosheen). Now ahead of his debut album All Her Kisses which is set for an Autumn release, he unveils the first single from the forthcoming release, World At War. A more than capable rock song with the ability to easily satisfy, the track is an open invitation to the man and his sounds which without ripping up trees certainly ensures that attention for his full length is going to be very alert.

The London based musician steps into his own light having helped ignite that of so many others and it has to be said that the single certainly captures the imagination. It is a song which slowly persuades, its initial grabbing of nodding approval soon tempting the listener to add their dollar of effort for a pleasing and lingering union. As mentioned it does not ignite fires of passion with its melodic rock presence but undoubtedly sparks a continuing welcome for its catchy and honest presence.

Starting with big beats and a smokey blues kiss from the guitar, World At War is immediately a warm stroll with anthemic whispers just waiting to jump out. The vocals of McElroy are decent enough without being openly impressive but his skilled and engaging guitar craft certainly is a striking call from the heart of the track, his playing a richly appetising feature. Once the song hits a fiery sonic blaze of things take a further lift with the subsequent second strain of vocals making a better impression and filling the walls of the song with an infectious warm energy. Easy to join and enjoyable to the ear, the track is a fine teaser for the album, and though it is not without elements which do not quite work as well as others World At War makes the upcoming appearance of All Her Kisses an intriguing prospect.


RingMaster 22/04/2013

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