Centre Excuse – Control


Continuing the impressive stature and irresistibility of their previous releases, UK electro rock band Centre Excuse now let out of its cage their new single Control, a song which whips up the appetite with warm and infectious, wholly energetic charm. The track hungrily romps through the ear, the glowing melodies from the keys and vocals offering a magnetic embrace whilst framed by crisp rhythms and sprawling flaming sinewy guitars. Expertly fusing lush sonic temptation with almost brawling punk rock aggression, the song has again provided the persuasive evidence for a continued rich acclaim upon the trio.

From Rutland, the three-piece of brothers Jamie and Alex Rush, and Teddy Lewis have made great strides since emerging in 2010. From their first introduction with debut EP All Systems Go the band has reaped strong and eager responses to their fiery sound, the following Generation Z EP and single In Your Mind only increasing the depth of acclaim and their potent presence. Their music is not demanding but still ignites a passionate return from listeners with inspiring enterprise, the result more often than not eager compliance and dedication to the cause. Their previous releases and equally successful live shows, which has seen Centre Excuse alongside the likes of A Sky Jet Black, I Am Giant, and Tonight Alive over the past couple of years, has set the band up as a dawning bright flame in UK indie rock, Control the register that they have arrived.

Recorded with Australian music producer Antonio Hanna, the single initially is a gentle coaxing of the senses, the keys almost teasing with their smouldering beckoning. It is mere moments though before sound and band erupt into a torrential blaze of grabbing riffs, vocal harmonies, and the swirling loud wind of keys, the combination a delicious burn with seductive intent in its heart. As with previous songs from the band, the hooks and constant lure of the track is uncomplicated and pure contagion but within and beneath that unbridled siren of a call the band unveil skilled invention and mesmeric imagination. It all makes for a song which is simply thrilling yet still makes a case for so much more to come from the band with its open promise.

The single is another thrust to the charging rise of Centre Excuse, a song which stands individual in the already diverse wealth of sound unleashed through the previous EPs and single. Each release has offered surprise and exciting ventures for the world of pop rock, Control is no exception.



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