Pyrithion – The Burden of Sorrow EP


Put As I Lay Dying frontman Tim Lambesis with two exceptional guitarists and a desire to explore the heaviest sounds possible and you get the impressively tormenting confrontation of Pyrithion and debut EP The Burden of Sorrow. The three track slab of maliciousness is a monster of a violating rampage upon the senses, a trio of songs which are corrosively compelling as they creatively carve up of the senses and then spew out of the debris.

In his own words vocalist Lambesis has said “I have wanted to do a heavier and more traditionally metal band for a while. Being that I own a recording studio, I thought a great place to start was by asking my engineer who the best guitar player is that he has recorded. I wanted to team him up with one of my favorite guitar players growing up.” The result was the bringing in of Ryan Glisan from Allegaeon and ex-The Famine guitarist Andy Godwin, which has subsequently bred  a brutally impacting and equally promising new force to extreme metal. Released via Metal Blade Records, The Burden of Sorrow is an uncompromising and passion igniting furnace of cataclysmic rhythms, ravenous riffs, and sonically driven melodic ingenuity honed into a merciless and quarrelsome tempest of intense pleasure.

The release opens up reasonably restrained for the start of The Invention of Hatred, the guitars coaxing fires from the heart of Pyrithion - The Burden of Sorrow - Singlethe following fury ridden by the expected venomous growls and heavy squalls of Lambesis laying their distinctly intensive weight and presence onto the ear. It is mere seconds later that the track explodes into a torrent of energy and grooved inducement from the guitars, whilst the drums splinters bone with their mighty sinews and the vocals bleed spite and rasping viciousness with every syllable. Arguably there is not a great deal new going on across the surface, though beneath the sonic solo and sparking shards of melodic invention give evidence that there is an underlying uniqueness finding its voice, but as a confrontation and ferocious experience it could not be fresher or more skilfully accomplished, and before the track has laid down its final blow the presence and promise of the project is greedily devoured by the passions.

The following Bleed Out continues the carnal seduction, its hypnotic yet destructive rhythms and impressively varied textures of abrasion driven vocals recruiting the emotions with ease whilst again the guitars rampage and wantonly persuade the passions with insidious devilment and unreserved ingenuity. Neither Godwin nor Glisan try to steal the show from the intent and heart of the songs, but brilliantly stretch and evolve their presence with a craft and invention which is irresistible and strongly imaginative.

Final track Rest in the Arms of Paralyzed Beast lays down its welcome with a subdued and emotive breath, the guitars teasing the air whilst painting a narrative in the mind before hell opens its door to expel another leviathan of intensity and aural abuse. The most diverse of the three songs with a serpentine groove veining the plundering of the senses with intermittent heights of strength but a continual taunting of the ear, the song is unpredictable and magnetic within its ruinous intent. The break into a less consuming stretch which lies in tune with the start allows a breath to be quickly swallowed before the song re-ignites its predatory instincts for a thunderous primal ravaging once more.

Hopefully this is the start of much more to come from Pyrithion, the band not being just an occasional ‘supergroup’, because on the evidence of The Burden of Sorrow we are in for some murderous and exciting times.


RingMaster 17/04/2013

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