Valentiine – Love Like


    Sipping the essences of The Breeders and The Distillers to offer their own individual riled wash of attitude and provocation, Australian garage punk band Valentiine make their debut with an impressive and impacting single. Love Like is a three minute caustic caress which leaves a tingle from song and the open promise of the band.

Hailing from Melbourne, Valentiine is an all-girl rock trio band which has been making potent impressions in their homeland over the past three years or so. Consisting of Vanessa V(guitar/vocals), Erica E(bass/vocals), and Shelly K(drums/vocals), the triplets of abrasive aural affection have lit up ‘Melbourne’s most loved dirty little pubs’, thrilled audiences at the likes of the St. Kilda Fest and the Cherry Rock festival, and at the latter part of 2012 undertaken a 22 show European tour taking in UK, Belgium, the Netherlands and Germany, as well as playing sets at OxJam Festival in Leicester and the Grungapolooza festival in Leipzig, Germany. That moment in time across Europe also caught the attention of Integrity Records (Million Dead, Reuben, Miniature Dinosaurs) who signed up the band and release their first single.

Taken from their forthcoming album, Love Like initially plays with the ear through a long guitar stroking with dour yet compelling vocals, their tone and breath instantly bringing thoughts of Brody Dalle to mind. The roam of the track never worries urgency but has an intimidating and steely presence which the likes of L7 and Distillers would have hungrily used whilst the melodic persuasion comes with menace and a contagious edge leaving only rich satisfaction as it embraces emotions and thoughts. As the song switches from gentle malice to fiery intensity early Pixies enters the equation but Valentiine still hold their own distinct stance throughout to ignite a potent promise for them and their impending album.

Accompanied by an acoustic version of the song which also manages to prowl and threaten with an equally exacting persuasion in its stripped down impressiveness, Love Like is an exciting debut from the band and sets up the strong sense that this is just the beginning of a formidable presence within femme-rock.


RingMaster 08/04/2013

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