Johnny Wore Black – Noise


     Having already captured the imagination and emotions through previous singles All The Rage and Up In Flames, UK rock band Johnny Wore Black unleash a new fire of rock fervour in the stirring shape of Noise. The new single taunts and persuades with a might of intense passion and instinctive craft which easily commands the ear to leave a lingering grip and rich satisfaction long after its parting.

London band Johnny Wore Black is the brainchild of songwriter/producer Johnny Jay, the former leading force for The Jay Harley Band. Debut single All The Rage, a track released in conjunction with Help For Heroes to raise funds for Help for Heroes and Combat Stress, was an immediate provocation to awareness and critical acclaim for the project, with the equally imposing and incendiary Up In Flames further raising the temperature around the band and its powerful sound. Jay is renowned for his work with musical collaborators and the previous singles featured the skills of  David Ellefson from Megadeth in their striking presences. Noise has been mixed by David Bottrill (Stone Sour, Muse, Tool), with a video produced by Paul Solomons to accompany it, and comes with all the weaponry to take the band on to the widest recognition.

The song is about social networking and its impact on modern society. Regarding the track Jay revealed it was, “an awareness of how we seem to be losing the ability to communicate with each other in ways that were once most natural.” He continues to say “I was sitting in a cafe watching two people arguing about the fact they weren’t paying enough attention to each other as they were too busy focusing on their mobile phones, and the song developed from there.”

The track opens with a delicious wash of emotive and melodic elegance. It soon sees the guitar caressing the  listener with thoughtful cover_design1400enterprise whilst the bass adds its individual textured shadows to walk alongside. Once the song is settled upon the senses the vocals of Jay begin the narrative with inviting warm expression and sinewy tones which lead into a chorus which is as anthemic as it is emotionally antagonistic. A brooding breath stalks the song throughout with the melancholic strings offering a sinister yet vibrant and inviting temptation to match the muscular lure of the song. Though in sound the bands are apart, the song finds that compelling persuasion and depth which marked Metallica’s Black album so impressively, and also suggests that something promising those heady heights from the Brits in the future is not beyond the realms of probability.

Though it never explodes into a blaze of fire, the track is a prowling and inciting presence which ignites the passions and sets itself up as one of the most addictive and potently lingering tracks to emerge this year so far. A kind of a cross between Stone Sour and Soundgarden, Noise is an outstanding gateway into an emerging creative force in UK rock, the exciting Johnny Wore Black.


RingMaster 06/04/2013

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