Isolated Atoms – Hold On

Photo by Dave Timmins.

    With the arrival of their Illuminate EP last year, UK rock band Isolated Atoms set themselves as a band to watch  closely and enjoy fully. Their flavoursome sound had the lure of an old friend, a seeming familiarity in league with a distinct uniqueness to make an easy and welcome union with ear and passions. The release of their new single Hold On shows that the Black Country quartet has expanded their sound further and with greater accomplishment. Previously the band felt like a post punk inspired promising treat now they have stepped forward as one potently emerging stadium rock encounters but still with a sound which distinctly belongs to them.

Hailing from the Industrial wastelands of Dudley in 2008, Isolated Atoms (the name inspired by the Joy Division song of the same name) drew strong attention with their debut single Tell Me What I Want of 2009. This led to close attention from the likes of Derek Forbes (Simple Minds) and Peter Hook (Joy Division, New Order), as well as a growing awareness not only nationally but in the US with the band making successful appearances at various venues including the legendary Whiskey a Go-Go. The Illuminate EP and subsequent tracks continued to fuel their rich and compelling presence with the Gavin Monaghan (Editors, The Twang, Robert Plant) produced Hold On now stepping forward as their finest moment yet.

The single opens by instantly wrapping the ear in strong melodic guitar caresses and a throaty bass stroll, its tone a constant delicious feature of their songs. The gait of the track is a regular stroll with bursting flames of passion and intensity searing the ear in accelerated moments of energy and emotion. The vocals are equally dynamic and equally reserved but reaping every ounce of emotive fire and expression from the lyrical content of promoting hope, its voice aural anthemic inspiration. The melodic hook which veins the song reminds of Big Country whilst the breath of the offering has a Doves lilt, but the result is uniquely Isolated Atoms. Across its length the track lights the air with a guitar sculpted attraction which incites a full engagement  whilst the atmosphere of the track and its rhythmic gait has the mass and power to subdue any cavernous expectation or venue.

Though personally it is not their best song for favourite nomination, Hold On is undoubtedly an impressive and rich piece of powerful rock furthering the stance and presence of the band with skilled strength.


RingMaster 06/04/2013

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