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Holly Monroe Photography

After what for many of us was a modern classic punk album in the shape of Legends, UK band Dirt Box Disco set themselves a tall order to follow up its insatiable mischief and riotously contagious sounds. Its successor Peoplemadeofpaper quite simply makes easy meat of that task, the album another irresistible rampage of punk and rock n roll fused anthems to ignite the passions and pollute the airwaves with devilish enterprise and attitude.

Since forming in 2006, the Burton on Trent quintet has grown into a formidable and thrilling proposition for fans and music in general; a band showing that punk rock is not only alive and kicking but has a fresh and invigorating enterprise to its modern confrontation. Consisting of vocalist WEAB.I.AM, guitarists SPUNK VOLCANO and DANNY FINGERS, bassist DEADBEATZ CHRIS, and drummer MAFF FAZZO, all complete in flawed superhero like visual costumery, Dirt Box Disco first lured strong attention in their direction with the Are You Ready? EP in 2011 as well as incorrigible live performances which once tasted left lingering and welcomed scars for evermore. It was Legends of last year which thrust the band into the most potent awareness not only in punk but across the eager critical gaze media and country. The STP Records released Peoplemadeofpaper builds on the presence and success of its predecessor with equally accomplished and irresistible feistiness. The album does not break down any new doors from the previous album for sure but it brings more of the scintillating and deviously addictive brawls of pleasure which marked so magnificently Legends in a new fire of aural debauchery.

Opening track Freaks is an infectious introduction to band and release, an urgent stomp of lustful rock n roll which riots on a PEOPLEMADEOFPAPER - coverniggling persistent and a torrent on delicious grooves and en masse vocals steered by the teasing vocals of Weab.I.Am. Complete with equally inciting melodic guitar invention, the track lights up ear and senses with the middle finger passion of punk and the licentiousness of glam and unbridled rock n roll. It is an easy to enlist to song and the perfect way to start off another uncompromising slab of aural horny goodness.

The following My Life Is Shit and She’s My Baby step up to up the ante in regard to thrills and spills, the first a straight forward rocker with flaming guitar and vocal unity which recruits as soon as it touches the ear for an instinctive Dirt Box Disco anthem driven declaration and the second an impossibly infectious encounter with a flush of garage punk flowing through its veins. The step into a bass led aside with punchy rhythms adds another barbed hook impossible to escape, not that you will want to as the track feeds all primal hunger and demands.

Now well into its heart, the album digs into its invention to become even more roisterous and compelling, the uncomplicated but richly virulent What You Gonna Do About It starting off the newly heightened infatuation bred by the album with the potent honest and defiant call to arms musically and lyrically. As with all their songs Dirt Box Disco find a surface engagement which is simple, undemanding, and thoroughly rewarding but it equally belies the skilled and honed ability of the band to ignite the passions and recruit the listener into their intent with virulent hooks and persuasive melodies locked n loaded with criminally effective rhythms and incendiary energy.

Top Shelf unleashes all the grievous salaciousness of the band in another epidemic of insidiously persuasive riffs and hooks caged in a barrage of merciless rhythms. The song hassles and provokes until it has voice and limbs in league with its corruptive temptation, but then again every song achieves that control and subservience to their dirty charms. The track is soon surpassed by the best track on the album, Round In Circles a song which initially simply hits the spot with skill and again unchained pure rock n roll but by its departure leaves the realisation that it has overwhelmed and chained the heart with satanic efficiency and devilment. By the end of the first track it is impossible to not be joining in with the release but if this song does not do it than its recipient is deaf or dead.

Through the mighty aural villainy of My Dad Is Bigger Than Your Dad, My Girlfriends Bestfriends Sister, and You Think You Know Me, the band leaves blissful exhaustion in their wake as well as extra variety to their inspiring rhythmic lechery and punk rock soaked creative mastery. They hold back another major highlight within nothing but pinnacles, for the rear of the album with the dirty rock swagger of Aftershow Girlies, another vehicle for unbridled fun and unruly behaviour from song, band, and listener.

Completed by a final two slabs of meaty lust in All For One and Punk Rock N Porno, the album is a sensational slice of rascality from a band with alchemist like hands when it comes to breeding sounds to soundtrack and inspire urgent, greedy good times. Peoplemadeofpaper is an outstanding follow-up to a brilliant album, no better but an equal in every way and a co-conspirator in bringing insubordinate fun to the heart.




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