King Carnage: Ounce Of Mercy, Pound Of Flesh

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    Having already been seduced by the evocative dark progressive and intense atmospheres of Trillion Red, the avant-garde metal project of Patrick Brown, King Carnage and new album Ounce Of Mercy, Pound Of Flesh was under pressure to impress and cement the acclaimed thoughts towards the multi-instrumentalist and songwriter. Death metal savagery at its most compelling and inciting, the first confrontation from the project did not disappoint but left  senses and emotions inspired and in blissful tatters. The carnivorous predator of a release is certainly a very different beast to Trillion Red but just as potently no less absorbing and richly satisfying.

Patrick Brown, a.k.a. The Left Hand has carved a bestial and brutal ravager of sound and emotion in Ounce Of Mercy, Pound Of Flesh which scars and scores the senses with burning venom and hideously corrosive tones to only lead to a full capitulation and hunger for its malevolence. The album is primal and unforgiving yet carries a carnal beauty and reverence which breeds an instinctive rapture within the violent maelstrom. With death metal seeds sown from around his time in Ligeia which released the 7” EP In Death Overshadow Thee in 1996, Brown has created a release and experience which sonically grinds and emotionally castrates the senses whilst leaving them with a ridiculously lustful hunger for album and band.

Opener Blade Efficacy instantly claws at the ear with razor sharp sonic talons and tumultuous rhythms wrapped in a raptorial intensity. It is barbarous and consumptive in touch and breath, immediately violating thoughts and synapses with incendiary craft and rabid appetite. The vocals of Brown compliment the abrasive approach of the music with equally caustic tone and spite to complete an enthralling proposition which finds a fuller flame to its furnace with sizzling guitar play and primal yet inventive invention.

Following tracks In Death Overshadow Thee, Provakate Evizerate Emasikate, and Lord Sabotage leave their own individual wounds within the continually destructive and intriguing umbrella of sound, the second of the trio an especially potent and compelling violation. The song crackles with a toxic and tartish breath, its sonic intent twisting notes and sounds into a blaze of irresistible hatefulness whilst its successor is a thrilling warzone of lyrical and musical rancor delivered with honed maliciousness and imaginative craft.

The biggest highlight of the album comes from Scions Salvation, a track which initially yawns like a deathly leviathan before exposing the listener to an infectious yet vitriolic expanse of rhythmic animosity and scything guitar barbed ingenuity which rampages with enterprise and stringent intensity. As unpredictable as it is destructive, which applies to the whole of Ounce Of Mercy, Pound Of Flesh, the punishment is well worth the outstanding rewards.

Completed by the title track and closing duo of songs Archetype Of Evil and Making Angels In Blood, the Badgod Music released Ounce Of Mercy, Pound Of Flesh is an impressively thrilling and exhausting album. Its stirring and dangerous sounds, confirming thoughts and opinion in league with the other work of brown , that he is one of the most exciting and inventive artists in metal today.


RingMaster 27/03/2013

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  1. “Ounce Of Mercy, Pound Of Flesh is an impressively thrilling and exhausting album.” | BADGODMUSIC

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