Charun: De Ortu Solis


Combining instrumental post rock with doom tendencies and exhausting and evocative metal driven ambiences, De Ortu Solis the debut EP from Italian band Charun, is at times an overwhelming and but continually an invigorating release which evokes thoughts and emotions which themselves enhance the experience and pleasure. It will not be a release for everyone but rich in expressive and impacting sound, the EP certainly has much to offer melodically soaked extreme and progressive metal fans.

Charun was originally the solo project of Curse This Ocean guitarist Nicola Olla but has since grown to a full line-up of Olla (guitar, keyboards, sounds), Valerio Marras (guitar, effects), Simone Lo Nardo (bass), and Daniele Moi (drums). Cagliari based, the quartet take influences from the likes of Immanu El, This Will Destroy You, and Godspeed You!  Black Emperor, adding them to their own expansive imaginative sound. Raw and intensive yet seductive and elegant, the EP is abrasive and equally mesmeric, and all the while a testing and captivating encounter.

The title track opens its arms first, a lone guitar sitting in reflective isolation beckoning the emotions with its singular aural narrative. Plain beats join it soon after whilst a bass resonates with melancholic voice and mournful resonance. It is a compelling start even if the electronic drum beats deflate its strength such their weak and unattractive presence. The doomy stance of the bass is enthralling and keeps the presence a shadowed haunting despite the licking of emerging sonic flames of the keys and guitars. Erupting into a full weave of muscular and emotive sounds with thankfully the drums lost for the main, the song takes an even stronger grip and opens up the way for visions and emotional endeavours to play within its engaging soundscape. Remove the electronic drums and the track is a masterful instigator to picturesque ambience and heart touching drone fuelled atmospheres, but even with its flaw is a great start to the EP.

The following De Profundis offers a lively and potent start soon displaced by a stark but enchanting ambience which consumes the air with finesses and gentles textures. The transition between the start and the inciting following presence is not as seamless as one would wish but soon forgotten as the soft embrace evolves into a fire of caustic sonic intensity, golden melodic coaxing, and merciless vocal scowling and abrasive muscular energy. The drums thankfully raise no real issue here and with a production which accentuates the rawness of the voice of the song but allows the emotive keys to express their heart, the track is a pleasing and satisfying companion.

De Brevitate Vitae riles the senses with its thick abrasive and almost distressing touch but beneath the surface its melodic elegance is warm and captivating. The piece of music offers a journey through a myriad of images and experiences instigated and framed by the well-crafted and imaginative composing and touches. It does not live up to the first couple of songs but still holds a sway and lure over ear and emotions for a fully enjoyable walk through it’s a striking realm.

The release closes with De Tranquillitate Animi, a less intimidating but equally as accomplished piece of ambient invention as its predecessor. It completes an EP which firstly is enriched in promise for the band and their future creatively and secondly makes for a pleasing and tempting engagement right now. For a challenging and inspiring ambient driven experience Charun and their De Ortu Solis EP are an enterprising proposition.

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