Carved: Dies Irae

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     Having made a strong impact with their 2010 EP, Italian death metallers Carved have returned with their debut album Dies Irae to confirm all the promising and eager thoughts earned previously for their carnivorous and dramatic sound. The nine track release is a gripping and imaginative slice of melodic brutality which arguably does not venture into any new pastures for the genre but nevertheless seizes and rewards the senses with impressive and provocative aggressive invention.

Formed in 2007, the sextet from La Spezia as mentioned brought plenty of acclaim and positive responses their way from numerous international extreme metal zines with their first EP, a release which also brought the band to the attention of black/thrashers Necrodeath who took them on their 25th Anniversary European tour. Shows with many notable bands including Schizo, Vexed, Bejelit, Mastercastle, Death Mechanism, Destrage, and Doomraiser followed before the band began recording their first album. Completed at the beginning of this year, the Bakerteam Records released Dies Irae is a formidable and impacting release which is sure to ignite the interest and passions of extreme metal even further.

The opening Dies Irae (Praeludium) is a delicious instrumental, a dawning world and emotional expanse with a brewing BT 022 Covergrandeur and imposing atmosphere. At its final caress the following Echo Of My Cinderella (The Final Symphony) surges through the ear with a composed force and melodic enchantment especially elevated by the washing keys of Mattia Nuti and female vocal soothing. Immediately and consistently the song captivates with its scorching warmth and impending intensity soon translated into an uncompromising onslaught ignited by the gnawing guitar snarls of Alessio Rossano and Damiano Terzoni. The predatory growl and sharp twang of the bass from Lorenzo Nicoli is the final spark to the tempest driven by the vicious overbearing growl of vocalist Cristian Guzzon. His delivery ravages the senses with unbridled contempt but is tempered by the excellent melodic invention and unassuming touches which persistently break out on the excellent full starter.

The previous track shows there is plenty going on beyond just melodic death metal and as the likes of Enter The Silence and Scripta Manent (Bullshit) continue the outstanding encounter, the often unexpected and unpredictable invention is open and thrilling. The first of the pair is veined by what is to be an impressive feature of the album, the raptorial rhythms of drummer Giulio Assente as well as a tight ear gripping groove. Bringing some additional and inspiring clean vocals into its intense heart and incendiary guitar sonics and solo, the track captures the imagination with irresistible power especially when an electro whisper spreads to a louder voice. The second of the pair is a savage yet majesty brawl upon the senses, its presence antagonistic yet endearing with a fluid engagement between both extremes. One of the bigger highlights on the album the track is an exceptional conspirator to the passions.

Both At The Gates Of Ice and Black Lily Of Chaos offer scintillating pinnacles to the album as well, the first featuring outstanding vocals is a thunderous and glorious proposition. Such the strength of the extra vocals and their effect on an already impressive song there is the hope that the band explores this union more ahead in their creative intentions. The second track steals top honours upon the album, its unforgiving energy and malevolent predatory urgency irresistible whilst the grievous delivery of Guzzon and the breath of the song leave fires burning inside. The track does offer a full respite from its brutal furnace midway, a step in calmer melodic persuasion unpredicted but pleasingly crafted for a folk/progressive lilt. The eventual return after a smooth transition of merging extremes, to the intensity and venomous delivery though is even more welcomed and completes a tremendous and inciting slab of imagination.

     Dies Irae is a great debut and to be fair though it does not exactly break down boundaries the more of its company you immerse within the more elements and small things begin to revise that initial view. Carved on the evidence of their album is set to have a strong voice within extreme metal if not now certainly in the near future.


RingMaster 26/03/2013

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