For The Life Of Me: Closure EP


    It is impossible not to be strongly impressed by the debut EP from US rock band For The Life Of Me. Consisting of four striking and extremely well-crafted tracks, the Closure EP is an invigorating and vibrant confrontation of melodic punk and angst dripping rock brewed into an impacting and passion drenched fire of intent. From start to finish the release captivates and provokes for the strongest rewards and though For The Life Of Me feels like a band still discovering their distinct voice it is hard to remember many bands from their sphere of sound and style which has impressed as strongly with their introduction.

From Portland, Oregon, For The Life Of Me began with four friends, all from different musical backgrounds who came together when their previous projects and bands ended or disappeared into the horizon. Using their distinctly varied influences the band began writing and creating in the winter of 2009 through to the opening of the eyes of 2012. Choosing a quartet of songs the band finally got down to recording for an EP with Stephan Hawkes (Vanna, Closure In Moscow, Red Fang) at Interlace Audio in Portland. Soon after though, two members of the band Ray Canarios (vocals/ guitar) and Dan Hargadine on (drums) left leaving the other half of Austin Davis (guitar) and Jeff Galusha (bass)to resist the project being another failed venture and working on ideas as they looked for replacement blood. Finally with a line-up of vocalist/guitarist Lee Parks and drummer Chris Forrette alongside Davis and Galusha, the band is ready to unleash its pent up creativity and frustrations with the release of the Closure EP.

Eleven opens up the release and immediately earns strong attention with its fiery sonics and thumping rhythms soon joined by anforthelifeofmeep acidic groove which invites investigation. The vocals powerfully sculpt the narrative and its passion to enhance the already brewing drama of the sounds further. Strongly impressive the vocals ignite sparks within the compelling songwriting and imaginative melodic flames which flicker and burn with varying intensity and inventive breath. The lead track from the release, the song is a stirring and inflammatory trigger for the passions and emotive thought and almost alone ensures a determined interest in the future of the band.

The following TV In My Head, Part II like the first has no fear in gripping the listener with instantly powerful sounds and emotive energy. Less riotous and urgent than its predecessor the song raises the intensity with a thick passionate atmosphere and potent heart borne sonic aggression which in many ways reminds of Billy Talent. Moving into a melancholic aside with the bass resonating deeply and the guitar crafting little incendiary melodic flames, the song is an enthralling and intriguing piece of composing and imagination if over long in its second half instrumental journey towards the final anthemic finale.

Winter Sleep is a tempest of harshly squalling vocals and tight caustic yet dazzling guitar sonic craft within an abrasive but tempting invention and honed melodic breath, and though the track does not quite live up to those before it, there is still a persuasion which grips tightly and lingers from the song.

The closing and irresistible Sung Out of the Blue brings Closure to an impacting and thrilling end, its towering vocal and melodic ferocity of passion and personal incitement a deliciously seductive and stimulating meeting between song and feelings. The track alone sums up the whole EP, a precisely but instinctively carved intoxication of melodic enterprise and passionate invention. Recommended for fans of the likes of Brand New, Make Do and Mend, and Balance & Composure by their bio it is hard to disagree but add as mentioned Billy Talent as well if not exactly for the sound but the passion. For The Life Of Me is still a work in progress but from the excellent Closure alone have set themselves up as a very exciting and promising prospect.


RingMaster 25/03/2013

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