Jensen: Zero-One EP


    Like so many the demise of UK band Ourfamous Dead brought more than a tinge of sadness here but was tempered by the fact that band founder Andrew Reeves was already working on his next project, something which one suspects is the evolution of the previous band rather than a whole new enterprise. Certainly the debut EP from Jensen, Zero-One suggests this, its sounds incorporating the rich experimental essences of the earlier band but exploring and expanding them into something more defined and focused.

Hailing from Leeds, Jensen is the studio project of Reeves who provides everything on the EP, with the band live becoming a trio with a line-up completed by Simon Green (synths, bass) and Rich Jennings (guitars, synths), both also former Ourfamous Dead members. The three track release immediately grazes the ear with the opening to Ghosts, the blistered distressed sonic surface an intriguing abrasion which transforms into a confronting squall of noise as the vocals of Reeves passionately shout against the tide of sonic abrasion. Listening to the song and looking back to the final single Claws At The Door from his previous band, hindsight reveals it was a step between both projects in many ways, Ghosts drawing on its hardcore punk breath and filtering it into its own caustic electro brew. The track never settles into an easy engagement for the senses, its surface bristling with embittered energy whilst beneath there is an agitated torrent of acidic and emotive ambience, but throughout loud melodic whispers wring their elegance out to offer an enticing infection within the riled tempest to enthrals and captivate the imagination.

The Corrupter stands tall with thumping rhythms and corrosive riffs whilst the synths again ingrain a fiery touch into the senses coverwith craft and inspiring invention. The sinews pulsate with a more pronounced resonance than in the first song to offer an industrial confrontation to the track, with the effected vocals spilling expressive passion with every syllable and accusing breath they can unleash. The track shifts and extends its taut electro provocation within the charged presence to further fascinate and persuade the senses whilst magnetising thoughts with its infrequent but compelling haunted moments.

The closing Stars introduces itself with a more direct rock stance though again surrounding the chafing guitar flashes and melodic vocals is an electronic provocation suggesting menace and mystery with its presence. As its predecessor the song suggests an industrial essence has evolved within the invention of Reeves to add another spice to the accomplished sound on the song and EP. The song without quite sparking the strong passions of the other two still cements the now blossoming opinion that Jensen is a new force to inspire, invigorate, and exhilarate not only fans but UK music from industrial through to electro punk and noise.

The Zero-One EP is the first step in what one anticipates will be an exciting and rewarding future for the band and with the release available as a free download from their website,only blinded ears would resist climbing on board the ride Jensen has just begun.


RingMaster 16/03/2013


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