Arroganz: kaos.kult.kreation


    Released by German metallers Arroganz, new album kaos.kult.kreation is one which without leaving any lingering fires burning inside with its sounds still offers plenty to please and satisfy whilst within its company. There is certainly plenty of enterprise at work as the band blends core essences of death and black metal, the results coming with an imagination and invention which admittedly is only truly unveiled from repeated encounters, but equally the release does not ignite enough raging flames within to elevate it above other accomplished and enjoyable blackened extreme metal efforts. Nevertheless it is deserving of focused attention and undoubtedly gives more than it lacks for an overall rewarding confrontation.

Hailing from Cottbus, Arroganz has had an intense past couple of years since the release of their first EP Burning Souls in 2010 and more so their debut album Dark and Deathless a year later. Unleashing their formidable power on European tours alongside Demonical and Feral and at numerous festivals, the band has earned a mighty reputation leading to strong anticipation for their new Blacksmith Records release.

Opener Blood Ceremony emerges on a drawing wind of vicious decay to erupt into a ravenous gnawing of the ear through cover-arroganz-kaos.kult.kreationbludgeoning rhythms and searing riffs all coated in death malevolence. It is not an explosive corruption but a persistent insidiousness which erodes and overwhelms the defences almost secretly, and whilst the track does not trigger any intense responses it still has head and enjoyment enlisted to its pervading intrusion.

With an inviting groove searing around its spine the following Mankind Is A Dying Whore continues the more than decent start but it is Ghost Of The Wolf which ignites the first real flame of passion towards the release. From a glorious raptorial bassline to set things off and accompanying crisp rhythms the track rampages with malice and greed upon senses and thoughts, its narrative and oppressive air bringing imagery and emotional intimidation to the fore. After a savage period of predatory senses despoiling, the song gives respite with a sonic caressing and stretched melodic soothing which still burns but allows composure to find a place in proceedings before things once more turn to annihilatory intent. The bass is a consistent highlight on song and album easily equalled by the refined fires and potent acid of the guitars with their skill and effect no more impressive than right here.

The impressively sculpted title track with its deceptive anthemic lure and Crush Their Temple, a song which initially stalks and taunts the ear for its opening minutes before unleashing its careering weaponry for a deliciously spiteful torrent of violence, both keep a grip on the listener with craft and irresistible malice though they are immediately overshadowed by another highlight of the album in Through Nightmares Into Black. Veined by unrelenting barbed grooves and uncompromising rhythms the song is a horde of destruction and decay and invites another raging blaze to the passions which admittedly had calmed little over the previous songs.

As the hellacious onslaught of Beyond Slavery continues this elevated pinnacle on the album, the release has a full persuasion in its grasp with bass and guitars all demanding submission to their immense creative declarations whilst the continually caustic and pleasing vocal squalls ensure the burning abrasion of the song and release is deep and irreparable.  Across the likes of Spirits Bleed, Verderber, and Demand The Dark the release slips back into a satisfying but arguably unspectacular stance to impress but as mentioned investigation and time given to the tracks offers a richer context and presence which cannot be dismissed or devalued.

Completed by the thrilling harmonic corrosion of Praise The Kult, the album stakes its place as one of the more impressive blackened death metal releases over the past months though you feel too it is a kind of lost opportunity as across its malicious expanse it suggests and promises more than it realises. Despite that kaos.kult.kreation is a release which takes the listener on a journey of insatiable death and emotive disease to satisfy and incite many returns.


RingMaster 16/03/2013

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