Beissert: Darkness: Devil: Death


    Darkness: Devil: Death is an album where during its rampage through the ear inspires a varied mix of thoughts, at times some confused and uncertain, but by its end one thing is distinctly apparent, it is overall quite simply a thoroughly  enjoyable confrontation. The fourth release from German metallers Beissert, the album is a persistent tempest of groove, heavy, and thrash metal, which continually captures the imagination even during moments when its ideas fail to spark the same enthused responses bred elsewhere within its muscular onslaught.

Formed in 2005, the quintet from Dresden has forged a strong reputation, their self-released demo a call to arms [for failed ones] the same year, the first encounter with their formidable sound. The 2007 album …nothin’ left to luv! brought a wealth of flavours and styles into its aggressive breath whilst, like the new album, the Agonia Records released thePusher two years after, unleashed a darker and more intense breath to its forceful destructive invention. Darkness: Devil: Death in many ways is the blossom of the seeds sown in the previous two albums, its heart and venom the blackest yet but brought through a wealth of creative spicery and diversity within metal and rock. It also has that insidious tendency of brewing up its attraction in the shadows to suddenly hit thoughts during numerous visits that actually the album is one enthralling and deliciously tasty treat.

A constant storm of sound and intensity, the release opens with Thy Chthonic Cathedral, a track which brews up a darkened untitledatmosphere of impending shadows and energy before letting loose a riot of ear grasping riffs and bone snapping rhythms. Immediately grasping attention from its lazy stance the song begins to work its sonic alchemy on the senses with a tight serpentine groove with licking sonic flames surging around it and the impressive vocals of Bssrt. Coarse, clean, squalling, his delivery alongside impressive backing elsewhere ignores boundaries and definition to ravage like the varied sounds but all is rich in skill and stunning creativity. It is an impressive and pulse racing start easily matched by the following title track. DarknessDevilDeath is a bruising course of thrash and hardcore speared by scintillating spikes of classic and melodic extreme metal with vocals again rich in variety to inspire further impressed passion. At times the rhythms threatened to fall into chaotic disorder but the band hold a tight enough rein to let their randomness intrigue and leave the listener lost in thought and satisfaction.

Through tracks like Age Ov Darkness where the vocals are as manic as they are contagious, the fiery Zorn Der Geister, and My Path Shall Be Your Wrath, Beissert continue to expand their invention and intense ferocity with a soaking of changing essences, the latter of the three splitting the classic core of the song with nu-metal and charred ravenous grooves. Though the trio do not find the depths of enticement and triumph as do the opening pair, they still leave the listener greedily focused and ready to taste more, the latter of the three epitomising the album as a whole in that the more time spent in its company the stronger and lasting the persuasion.

Perm Trias steps forward as another invigorating highlight, the abrasive scowls of Bssrt and flesh searing grooves an irresistible temptation soon surpassed by the expanding intense grind of the song and the clean vocals, though at times they do push the limit pass personal pleasure point. One of the less dramatic and aggressive tracks it nevertheless hits the target with ingenuity and simple insatiable rock n roll.

Through the following I Am The Lore and Do What Thou Wilt the album drops into a bit of a lull though both songs have plenty to offer, the first especially with a White Noise era Anthrax like presence but against next up DXXXV they are warm up acts to its towering presence. The track gnaws the senses from its first rabid note, riffs chewing flesh and rhythms dissecting cartilage. There is a death metal malevolence seeping from the heart of the savagery whilst the guitars sculpt a melodic lattice of flames with sonic expertise to temper the primal devastation at work. The best track on the album it carves its place in the passions with malice and inventive vivacity.

Ending with the again Anthrax whispering De Profundis Clamavi with its spidery sonics and Die Diamantenen Tore Der Hoelle (Polaris), a track offering a stoner seeded invitation, Darkness: Devil: Death is an album impossible to ignore once bitten by its rapacious claws. It ebbs and flows at times in regard to lighting fires but at all times Beissert twist the screw of imagination and adventure resulting in a release which emerges as richly pleasing.


RingMaster 14/03/2013

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