Sam Lee: Goodbye My Darling

Photo -rick pushinsky

Photo -rick pushinsky

Taken from the impressive The Ballad Of George Collins EP, new single Goodbye My Darling from UK singer songwriter Sam Lee is an enchanting yet quizzing piece of invention which evokes and provokes with craft and imagination. The song also featured on the 2012 Barclays Mercury ‘Album Of The Year’ nominated album Ground Of Its Own, the release which brought Lee to the attention of a much wider recognition. It is a song which haunts the senses in the most appealing way whilst in its company and beyond, a piece of music and lyrical evocation which ignites thoughts and imagery with elegant persuasion.

From North London, Lee was a graduate of the Chelsea College of Art  and has been a teacher of wilderness survival skills (having been trained by Ray Mears), a part-time Burlesque dancer, and musically served an inspiring four-year apprenticeship under the legendary, late Scottish Traveller, and balladeer, Stanley Robertson, to whom his album is dedicated, before becoming inspired to research and document traditional music, a craft which has since led him to become a regular visiting lecturer to Goldsmith’s College and Newcastle University, as well as  becoming the first folk singer to teach at the Royal College of Music. Spending plenty of time visiting Stanley in the North of Scotland in his twenties, Lee also built up a vast repertoire of traditional songs as well as gaining ancient, idiosyncratic singing craft. This has all translated and merged into his music of which Goodbye My Darling is a captivating and endearing example.

Brewing its presence within a slightly blistered low key droning electronic persistence with ear picking tones of folk based strings, the song opens gently with the raw but expressive baritone tones of Lee spinning their infectious emotive weave. Slowly escalating its presence with a continual addition of varied strings and simmering energy which gradually finds an increase in urgency, the track takes no time in becoming a fascinating and resourceful companion. The initially restrained smile of the song beams broadly as the now bolder stroll approaches and basks in the invigorating climax, the imaginative track leaving behind a full and rich satisfaction whilst giving the richest pleasure during and after its beguiling company.

Goodbye My Darling is a magnetic introduction to Sam Lee and to the charms of traditionally seeded invention he designs, a release for all to investigate with open arms.


RingMaster 11/03/2013

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