Limozine: Johnny Got Shot By A UFO


It is Limozine time again as the UK rockers release their new single Johnny Got Shot By A UFO. It only seems like yesterday since they raised the temperature with previous single Tokyo 1970, but then the London based band have never held restraint in releasing their sounds with the last three years or so seeing nine singles, including the new one, and three albums. The new release continues the strong and intriguing presence of the band and their riot of uncomplicated energy to leave again keen satisfaction and enjoyment.

Formed in 2005, the band has earned a strong reputation for their unpolished encounter of garage punk and rock n roll, the sound a raw and honest brawl with feisty mischief able to charm and ignite audiences to their live shows and to releases such as their albums Car Crash Casino in 2007, Evil Love in 2010, and Full Service of 2012. With a new full length release You’ve Been Limozined, due later this year the new single sets it up with enterprise and intrigue even if the song arguably lacks the spark to ignite the ardour it probably deserves.

Released via Beat Atlas Records, Johnny Got Shot By a UFO instantly grabs attention with its psychobilly intimidation and rockabilly swagger locked to its punk rock core. The grooved riffs of Johnny Zero are an instant temptation alongside the bass enticement of Karl ‘da Kops’ Atlas whilst the snaps of beats from drummer Skip Intro frame it all with undemanding yet senses provoking craft. Bringing his guitar and vocals in to play soon after the initial tease, Limo Dean courts the ear with a delivery which matches the sound, uncluttered, direct, and deliberately devoid of anything not organically bred. Across its length the song sparks with its addictive grooves veining the rougher rock rub and throughout it leaves one engaged and involved.

The song does seem to fall one step short of firing up a full passion for its offering and though it certainly does the business of earning strong appreciation it does feel a little like the song missed the opportunity to stand out as one of the most addiction capturing singles likely to appear this year. Despite that Limozine continues to stand as one of the more entertaining emerging bands with Johnny Got Shot By A UFO making a good and pleasing persuasion for band and forthcoming album.


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