Shevils: We Walk On Shattered Glass


    From Norway, Shevils is a band which from a spine of hardcore draws in riotous fires of many other aspects of noise to create something wholly unique and irrepressibly tempting. Released today (March 8th) We Walk On Shattered Glass is the new deviously addictive single from the band, a forceful enterprising marker of a band destined to leave genre and extreme noise reeling.

Hailing from Oslo, the quintet of vocalist Anders Voldrønning, guitarists Andreas Myrvold and Christoffer Gaarder, bassist Arnbjørn Marklund, and drummer Anders Emil Rønning, create a brawling sound borne from the most seductive essences of hard rock, noise, punk, and metal. Formed in late October 2010, the band has continually marked their creative territory with attitude soaked incendiary invention unleashed through their 2011 debut album The Year Of The Fly, the single Is This To be (Our Lives)? and the Necropolis EP, both released last year, not forgetting their acclaimed live performances. We Walk On Shattered Glass is the first single taken from their forthcoming album and on the evidence of its inciting energy and imaginative persuasion, their full length release could be one of the biggest highlights of the year.13053_601747383173111_1309564036_n

The single opens with massive beats massaging the ear with power and eagerness, their resonating touch accompanied by gravelly bass grinds to make first contact immediately infectious and hungry. As the excellent abrasive vocal squalls of Voldrønning lay their caustic tones and lyrical coaxing into the now stormy mix the track is captivatingly afire with intensity and controlled aggression. Into its corrosive stride elements of the likes of Killing Joke, Coilguns, and fellow Norwegians Man The Machetes make loud whispers from within the song but Shevils has created an encounter which stands impressively alone from all in sound and contagion.

Throughout its continually shifting stance the track scorches the air with exhausting sonic rubs, melodic acid teases, and thumping anthemic rhythms drafted into a soundscape of intrigue, bruising rock n roll, and breath taking metal ravaging. It ignites instant addiction so that to hear the song just once in every encounter is imaginable and the anticipation for their new album by its end emerges as a deep rooted impatient itch which will only be alleviated upon its arrival.

Shevils will undoubtedly make major inventive contributions to extreme music in the future just like they have with We Walk On Shattered Glass, a release which others will find very hard to rival over the coming months.


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