Ticks Talk: Drug Dimension

Ticks Talk

    Hailing from Guwahati, India, progressive metal band Ticks Talk has been earning some strong attention and responses in their neck of the world and with the release of their debut single Drug Dimension now make the first impressive step in widening that enthused awareness.

Formed in mid-2012, the quintet of vocalist Bhargav Talukdar, guitarist Yoon Narzary, bassist Sun Sin Singha, drummer Tanfiz Hussain, and Pretom Boro on keys, soon made their mark by winning Techxetra Metanoia 2012,an annual beat contest at Tezpur University, and performing at the 2nd Guwahati International Music Festival 2012. The members of the band have featured in many local bands before Ticks Talk, and their experience and developed craft is an open vein within the first single from the band.

Drug Dimension is the tale of a scientist who in frustration at the evils in the world around him steps into the future in search of Drug dimension artworkpeace and happiness. There he finds a much darker place, a brutal punishing dimension where you have to kill to live. It opens with lone piano drama underscored by sawing niggly coarse riffs but soon expands into a bedlamic almost psychotic weave of progressive dysfunction surrounding abrasive riffs and firm rhythms. Into its restrained stride the track continues chugging its way through the ear with strong vocals adding the narrative whilst a dazzle of sonic and synth bewilderment distracts and intrigues. It is a startling brew which teases chaos but instead is an irresistible captivation. As it pushes its boundaries the song pulls in many directions whilst leading to the same point and across its imaginative visual soundscape brings essences of seventies psychedelia/classic metal, groove, and progressive metal for a Motherjane meets Dream Theater meets Faith No More encounter.

Initially the track lights up the ear and senses easily encouraging more returns but with each encounter evolves into something magnificent which has the tightest hold on the passions. Seductive and abrasive, gentle and aggressive, Drug Dimension is irrepressibly magnetic and innovative, a fresh wind of diverse styles and invention fused into a release which will set the band in the spotlight of acclaim and attention from here on in.



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