I Am Duckeye: Punching Dicks


    Each decade has one or two bands which sum up the feeling of the people with elegance and beautifully sculpted sounds, musicians coming together to conjure stunning aural paintings through perfectly honed emotion, refined thoughtful enterprise, and intently planned experimentation. Thankfully that same period of time also gives us a band where sonic rioting and lewd mischief is their only musical instinct whilst uniting and firing up the common man is an anthemic weapon wielded with ease. Today the world has I Am Duckeye, a bunch of punk miscreants who enflame and thrill with ‘retarded sounds for a retarded society’ and a band we would choose over any ‘work of art’ each and every day.

From Melbourne, Australia, I am Duckeye were formed in 2008 by twin brothers Matt and Sam soon aided by Sean and Jules. Together they unleash ungracious rock n roll which is a merger of punk and comedy, a blend of The Dickies, The Wildhearts, Alberto Y Los Trios Paranoias, and Kevin Bloody Wilson if you will, oh not forgetting the added extra of having the class of Sir Les Patterson. Basically it is punk rock at its best, accomplished and direct without a care in the world but with potency in power and ability to create addiction causing hooks and unbridled inflammatory energy.

     Punching Dicks is their new EP, a seven track destructive revelry which leaves exhaustion and unbridled pleasure in its wake. The EP is the fourth release from the band we are led to believe but we suspect the first to find or will find a wider eager audience outside their already established home fanbase. With a lead track as anthemic and contagious as hospital bed dogging, the release tells you all you need to know about band and their criminally infectious invention and devilry.

The title track is sheer terrace/gang glory, simple primal chants with a constant helping of repetition driven by primitive inciting rhythms. At times the guitars are allowed to assault the ear with their charismatic grazing and the bass given voice to growl and scrape the wounds even deeper but the vocal calls and harmonies leading the rampage do not need any assistance in firing up the passions and excitement, as the live clips on the DVD which accompanies the EP shows. It is one of those songs which brings people together though possibly with not the healthiest of outcomes.

The song defies anyone to move on to the next track on the release and we must admit we went around abusing and disturbing the neighbours in voice and sound united with the track well in to double figures moments before checking out Nudie Rudie. An ear coaxing storm of dirty rock n roll with inviting riffs and ready to rumble rhythms around a lyrical quiz of night time wear, the track is a one minute fire of fun and energy with again vocals to incite participation in its mission.

Third track Warning is a surprising treat, a mix of live and studio sounds with a haunting menacing ambience which contrasts wholly with the rest of the release but seamlessly fits too, the song showing a depth to the band and their sound which maybe is generally hidden.

A quartet of live tracks complete the release , all raw with a caustic sonic touch on the ear but great examples of the genital bashing band in its natural state.  Both Prolapse and Mowees leave an urge to check the band out live if ever given the chance and the noxious Stink Lines and heavy boned Baby Money seal the deal.

With the package also including a DVD containing live performances, the band out and about, and the great video to Punching Dicks, this is one prime punk rock package to bring the instinctive delinquent from within without.



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