Dogfight Sox: Flux EP


    If you are looking for something different and intriguing but also a release which will test your thoughts and maybe even musical boundaries then take a listen to the Flux EP from German electro punks Dogfight Sox. Their five track release is equally inventive and bewildering, inviting and threatening, imaginative and creatively distorted but for the whole fully captivating.

Formed in September 2011, the Nürnberg duo of Crimson (guitars, vocals) and Indigo (programming, vocals) has taken no time in making their mark. Bringing a dramatic fusion of industrial, electro punk, psyche rock, and hiphop coated in invasive ambiences, the pair saw 2012 offer them a big year. From releasing their debut album Lunatic Fairytales and winning a band contest to performing at Weinturm Open Air alongside the likes of Dendemann, Käptn Peng, and Talco, playing the Danke-Festival, and lastly releasing this EP, it has been a massive twelve months sure to continue into 2013.

Released through Dungeon Recordings, Flux soon has thoughts and senses agitated and magnetised with opening track Konichiwa Bitches! A flourish of electronic teasing is accompanied by pulsating forceful pulses and blistered beats to wake up the ear before harsher guitar rubs leave their acidic touch alongside the rapped vocals. It is a provocative prowl and declaration which shifts between incendiary menace and total absorption, persistently a blend of both for the main. It is a sonic world within a song, the mini soundscape harsh or melodically resplendent with caustic atmospheres or warm whispers bringing their distinct voices to the intent and sound of the compelling song. Like a mix of Shrikes, The Karma Party, and Celldweller the track is an exciting and inciting impressive start.

The following Templum engages with native chants and calls whilst a guitar courts the heavy beats, the initial contact again riveting and posing questions within thoughts which though arguably never answered are easily satisfied by the continually startling sounds and imagination. Like its predecessor the song is unpredictable and intent on stretching its and your limits with sure craft, sonic contagion, and provocative confrontation.

From the arguably easier accessibility of the first two songs, the release tests and stretches patience and creative walls even further starting with the acerbic Sunfall. The track is a furnace of burning sonics, explosive intensity, and vocal malevolence forged into a squall of corrosion though throughout the song startles with slight-of-hand electro spikes and taunts.

Songs Of Distant Earth and The Intergalactic Chimpanzee Frenzee completes the concord of imagination and stimulation aggravation, the first a reflective reserved piece of design with elegant synths caresses, sonic manipulation, and fiery inducements. It once more brings impressive diversity to the release whilst refusing to give the listener an easy ride, something which would leave only dissatisfaction, the testing pose of each track as essential as their sounds and rewarding to the listener. The final song was the only low point on the release though it still has a senses busting charm which leaves one unsure. A seemingly tongue in cheek track which is best described as Kottonmouth Kings does industrial, it is hard to take the track too seriously due to the vocals which is a shame as musically the band again creates something invigorating, even  though it does throw everything in but the kitchen sink.

Flux is a convincing and pleasing release which impresses far more than it antagonises, though even those moments have their worth. Dogfight Sox is a band creating fresh inventive storms within industrial/punk electro and set to create even stronger tempest of creativity ahead.

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