Blunt Force Trauma: Beyond


    From the first abrasive riff to its very last raptorial note the Beyond EP from Australian metallers Blunt Force Trauma allows no time for the listener to take a breath or seek refuse in any less intensive opportunities. The release is a furnace of aggressive passion unleashed through a torrent of exhausting enterprise and bruising confrontation and one thrilling adrenaline soaked encounter.

From Perth, the 2009 formed band has garnered a towering reputation for their performances and music, its sound bringing them the tag of “Thor’s love children.” The past few years has seen the quartet leave audiences wasted from performances alongside the likes of Macabre, The Amenta, Truth Corroded, 4arm, Desecrator, and Grotesque and with the release of their new debut EP and tours confirmed in India, Asia, and North America over the year ahead, 2013 is looking a breakthrough period for the band, something which would be a shock if it did not come to pass such the might of their release.

Opening track Whore of Eden gravitates into view with industrial hydraulics before exposing firstly coarse riffs and then an engrossing spine entwining groove. Blunt Force Trauma brings a fusion of groove metal and metalcore with rich veins of numerous other rewarding unique genre inventions and the first track is an immediate explosion the resulting impressive corrosive excellence. As riffs rip flesh with their muscular snarl and sonic sabre cuts the ravenous caustic vocals brawl upon the senses with purpose, viciousness, and contagious effect. Clean vocals add a compelling lure alongside the rabid growls whilst the rhythms of drums and bass prey on the wounds caused with pack like militancy and ferocity. The track is a tempest of confrontation fervour and outstanding craft with loud whispers of Bloodsimple and Killswitch Enagage. It is hard to say the song is offering anything toweringly new sound wise but few bands recently have found the depth and power let alone primal pleasure instigated here.

Closing off its capture of imagination and passions with a sirenesque groove and equally tempting predatory bass flirtation the track is an immense start matched by the following Meat Puzzle. The song initially grazes the ear as if waiting for a reaction before breaking into a stomp equipped with a tight slightly wanton groove and hungry eager heavy riffs. Clean metal vocals burst from the core of the song to instantly bring variation to the whole release, something which each subsequent song reinforces with skill and imagination. Though not the riotous onslaught of its predecessor the track still rampages with an energy and intent which leaves the senses eagerly agitated whilst with its classic metal overtones within the guitar teasing and expressive vocals, a feverish greed is soon driving the appetite for more.

Defiance instantly caresses the ear with a mellow yet sinewy melodic guitar cascade of fiery sound and invention with the again formidable rhythms and muscular bass coaxing its flames higher for further pleasure. It is not long though before the song is charging with the drums calling, the march of their insatiable rapid punches evolved into a rumbling pulse framing another insidious groove manipulation firing the senses with devilish efficiency. The track is a maelstrom of passion, aggression, and thought plundered by superb moments of melodic and emotive clarity, vocally and musically. For the main though it ravages with impossibly infectious enticement from riffs and rhythms, it is not over complicated or dramatically ground breaking but oh it is irresistible.

The closing Eulogy is an explosion of unrestrained metallic revelry, thrash, and punk dished up in an insatiable storm of mayhem and sonic lust. Equipped with waspish grooves, bone splintering rhythms, and savage energy the track is simply rock n roll at its very best…and most inflammatory.

With The Beyond EP, Blunt Force Trauma shows with a vengeance why they are one of the loudest names on the lips of the underground scene and simultaneously declares their intent to infest and enflame the wider world with their towering sound, something it needs and deserves..


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I Am Duckeye: Punching Dicks


    Each decade has one or two bands which sum up the feeling of the people with elegance and beautifully sculpted sounds, musicians coming together to conjure stunning aural paintings through perfectly honed emotion, refined thoughtful enterprise, and intently planned experimentation. Thankfully that same period of time also gives us a band where sonic rioting and lewd mischief is their only musical instinct whilst uniting and firing up the common man is an anthemic weapon wielded with ease. Today the world has I Am Duckeye, a bunch of punk miscreants who enflame and thrill with ‘retarded sounds for a retarded society’ and a band we would choose over any ‘work of art’ each and every day.

From Melbourne, Australia, I am Duckeye were formed in 2008 by twin brothers Matt and Sam soon aided by Sean and Jules. Together they unleash ungracious rock n roll which is a merger of punk and comedy, a blend of The Dickies, The Wildhearts, Alberto Y Los Trios Paranoias, and Kevin Bloody Wilson if you will, oh not forgetting the added extra of having the class of Sir Les Patterson. Basically it is punk rock at its best, accomplished and direct without a care in the world but with potency in power and ability to create addiction causing hooks and unbridled inflammatory energy.

     Punching Dicks is their new EP, a seven track destructive revelry which leaves exhaustion and unbridled pleasure in its wake. The EP is the fourth release from the band we are led to believe but we suspect the first to find or will find a wider eager audience outside their already established home fanbase. With a lead track as anthemic and contagious as hospital bed dogging, the release tells you all you need to know about band and their criminally infectious invention and devilry.

The title track is sheer terrace/gang glory, simple primal chants with a constant helping of repetition driven by primitive inciting rhythms. At times the guitars are allowed to assault the ear with their charismatic grazing and the bass given voice to growl and scrape the wounds even deeper but the vocal calls and harmonies leading the rampage do not need any assistance in firing up the passions and excitement, as the live clips on the DVD which accompanies the EP shows. It is one of those songs which brings people together though possibly with not the healthiest of outcomes.

The song defies anyone to move on to the next track on the release and we must admit we went around abusing and disturbing the neighbours in voice and sound united with the track well in to double figures moments before checking out Nudie Rudie. An ear coaxing storm of dirty rock n roll with inviting riffs and ready to rumble rhythms around a lyrical quiz of night time wear, the track is a one minute fire of fun and energy with again vocals to incite participation in its mission.

Third track Warning is a surprising treat, a mix of live and studio sounds with a haunting menacing ambience which contrasts wholly with the rest of the release but seamlessly fits too, the song showing a depth to the band and their sound which maybe is generally hidden.

A quartet of live tracks complete the release , all raw with a caustic sonic touch on the ear but great examples of the genital bashing band in its natural state.  Both Prolapse and Mowees leave an urge to check the band out live if ever given the chance and the noxious Stink Lines and heavy boned Baby Money seal the deal.

With the package also including a DVD containing live performances, the band out and about, and the great video to Punching Dicks, this is one prime punk rock package to bring the instinctive delinquent from within without.


RingMaster 07/03/2013

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Dogfight Sox: Flux EP


    If you are looking for something different and intriguing but also a release which will test your thoughts and maybe even musical boundaries then take a listen to the Flux EP from German electro punks Dogfight Sox. Their five track release is equally inventive and bewildering, inviting and threatening, imaginative and creatively distorted but for the whole fully captivating.

Formed in September 2011, the Nürnberg duo of Crimson (guitars, vocals) and Indigo (programming, vocals) has taken no time in making their mark. Bringing a dramatic fusion of industrial, electro punk, psyche rock, and hiphop coated in invasive ambiences, the pair saw 2012 offer them a big year. From releasing their debut album Lunatic Fairytales and winning a band contest to performing at Weinturm Open Air alongside the likes of Dendemann, Käptn Peng, and Talco, playing the Danke-Festival, and lastly releasing this EP, it has been a massive twelve months sure to continue into 2013.

Released through Dungeon Recordings, Flux soon has thoughts and senses agitated and magnetised with opening track Konichiwa Bitches! A flourish of electronic teasing is accompanied by pulsating forceful pulses and blistered beats to wake up the ear before harsher guitar rubs leave their acidic touch alongside the rapped vocals. It is a provocative prowl and declaration which shifts between incendiary menace and total absorption, persistently a blend of both for the main. It is a sonic world within a song, the mini soundscape harsh or melodically resplendent with caustic atmospheres or warm whispers bringing their distinct voices to the intent and sound of the compelling song. Like a mix of Shrikes, The Karma Party, and Celldweller the track is an exciting and inciting impressive start.

The following Templum engages with native chants and calls whilst a guitar courts the heavy beats, the initial contact again riveting and posing questions within thoughts which though arguably never answered are easily satisfied by the continually startling sounds and imagination. Like its predecessor the song is unpredictable and intent on stretching its and your limits with sure craft, sonic contagion, and provocative confrontation.

From the arguably easier accessibility of the first two songs, the release tests and stretches patience and creative walls even further starting with the acerbic Sunfall. The track is a furnace of burning sonics, explosive intensity, and vocal malevolence forged into a squall of corrosion though throughout the song startles with slight-of-hand electro spikes and taunts.

Songs Of Distant Earth and The Intergalactic Chimpanzee Frenzee completes the concord of imagination and stimulation aggravation, the first a reflective reserved piece of design with elegant synths caresses, sonic manipulation, and fiery inducements. It once more brings impressive diversity to the release whilst refusing to give the listener an easy ride, something which would leave only dissatisfaction, the testing pose of each track as essential as their sounds and rewarding to the listener. The final song was the only low point on the release though it still has a senses busting charm which leaves one unsure. A seemingly tongue in cheek track which is best described as Kottonmouth Kings does industrial, it is hard to take the track too seriously due to the vocals which is a shame as musically the band again creates something invigorating, even  though it does throw everything in but the kitchen sink.

Flux is a convincing and pleasing release which impresses far more than it antagonises, though even those moments have their worth. Dogfight Sox is a band creating fresh inventive storms within industrial/punk electro and set to create even stronger tempest of creativity ahead.

Grab the EP as a free download @


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Moving Mountains: Various


    From Juggernaut Services, Moving Mountains is a compilation all industrial, harsh electro, and EBM fans needs to know about and welcome with greedy open arms. The release brings some of the best underground artists and sounds into the light whilst simultaneously showing that the above genres have never been healthier and more vibrant at their still to be discovered cores.

Formed by music writer and co-editor of Brutal Resonance magazine Nick Quarm in the summer of 2012, Juggernaut Services has swiftly built up a formidable reputation for its work in supporting and helping new and struggling artists get their creative sounds further in the world. The management and promotion company provides bands with know-how and support to help overcome and succeed against the challenges the emerging artist within the industrial and electro scene encounters. In a short time the company has earned a strong name for itself and with first release Moving Mountains, has put some of their impressive clients under keen focus.

The album brings together the darker more heavily aggressive artists working with Juggernaut Services, and an impressive collection of artists it is. Offering a wide soundscape ranging the full length of industrial and harsh electro shadows, the fifteen track album is a constant incitement to the senses and pleasure for the passions. Generally any compilation has dips across its length due to personal tastes when covering an eclectic expanse of flavours but Moving Mountains is one riveting ride from first synth coaxing to its last lingering touch, impressively supporting the earlier statement of the status of underground music.

The release opens with One For You, One For Me 2010, a previously unreleased track from US industrial band nolongerhuman. Emerging from a dawning horizon of emotive ambience the track brings sampled female vocals into a gradually squeezing wrap of brewing intensity and resonating beats. Into its stride the song opens up its doors to a full prowl of agitated melody soaked energy and simmering heat which simultaneously brings its own distinct shadows into the heart of the elegant yet sinister encounter. It is an impressive start soon surpassed by the following Tactical Module track Dead Zone and then Teenage America from Cease2xist. From the UK, both projects have had great recent success with releases, the first with the Dead Zone EP from which this track is taken and the second with the album You Are Expendable which has given the two songs (Tonight the other)from the band on the album. Dead Zone is a seductive scourge with malicious shadows driven by the insidious rabid tones of guest vocalist on the Michael Davis project, Osmar Diaz from Mexican industrial act Acrophilic Project. It is a compelling scarring matched by Teenage America, a virulent song of destructive mesmeric resonance from Dayve Yates and his solo project which feasts on the dissidence and antagonism within us all.

As the dangerous temptation of All Gone Awry from San Jose duo RetConStruct and the fermenting brilliance of Halloween from Polish electro/industrial band Controlled Collapse encroaches upon the senses the album already is making the greatest persuasion of its purpose and the depth of important sounds around. Each track on the album inspires a richness of impressed and excited responses to rifle through thoughts and emotions, the likes of Warsickle with their two stirring instrumentals and a sensational track from Plastic Noose as well as equally incendiary second songs from RetConStruct and nolongerhuman fully impacting rewards.

Further highlights which suck the breath away from the senses come through the two industrial metal tempests from Eschaton Hive, a second restless intrusion from Controlled Collapse and the corrosive grandeur of the blistering force Tapewyrm. Zombie Attack Plan and Want.Need.Have from Eschaton Hive ravage the listener with caustic elegance and irresistible sonic teasing united in contagious brawls which send its victims into rapture whilst gnawing on their synapses. The band takes top honours on the release though seriously challenged throughout with the addiction causing This Nightmare from Controlled Collapse and the acid burn of Insomnia from industrial noise conspirers Tapewyrm with its rasping sonic licking of the senses violations of the highest order.

Moving Mountains leaves the clearest indication of the freshness and force within industrial driven music right now whilst offering up some of the finest new invention from the most imaginative emerging bands, and as a Name Your Price purchase it is an invitation impossible to refuse.


1. nolongerhuman – One For You, One For Me 2010*

2. Tactical Module – Dead Zone

3. Cease2xist – Teenage America

4. RetConStruct – All Gone Awry

5.Controlled Collapse – Halloween

6. Warsickle – Help From Outer Space

7. Eschaton Hive – Zombie Attack Plan

8. RetConStruct – The Maelstrom

9.Warsickle – Call For Help

10. Tapewyrm – Insomnia

11. Cease2xist – Tonight

12. Controlled Collapse – This Nightmare

13. Plastic Noose – Zu Allen

14. Eschaton Hive – Want.Need.Have

15. nolongerhuman – Transcend Humanity


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Calming Cyclones: Various

     coverAccompanying their Moving Mountains compilation album, Juggernaut Services and its founder Nick Quarm have released a second album of artists working with the management and promotion company. Calming Cyclones brings together tracks and bands which reap the rewards of and flourish within calmer melodic areas of industrial/electro. Consisting of sixteen tracks the album is a warm and refreshing further evidence of the passion and powerful imagination and creativity within underground electronic music right now, something which has maybe always been the case but now with the likes of Juggernaut has an emerging voice to be heard by.

     Made up of tracks from ten artists, with some offering two entries, the album offers the dancefloor and emotions a vibrant alternative to unleash its passions to, a collection of new artists for which invention and original thought is as instinctive as breathing. The album opens with Burning Down from XP8, a duo from Italy, who also closes the release with the track Trip remixed by Cutoff:Sky. The song is a riveting expanse of golden electro kisses with an acidic heat coursing through the elegance but also offers a sinister intimidation across its embrace which is startling and unforgettable. Infectious and virulent to feet and passions, the track is a potent opening statement for the album, soon ably backed up by UK band MiXE1. The solo project of Michael Evans, the band engages and seduces the ear with the delicious embrace of Breathe, a song which smothers the senses in warmth and melodic mastery brought through emotive radiance. Originally released on the EP Module 01 via Static Distortion Records, the track like the first holds a menace deep within its heart which snarls from within the dazzling depths. Evans also offers a second song in the even more impressive electro tease of This Is Not Goodbye from Module 02, the song a union of extremes and unpredictability offering a NIN/ Celldweller meets Sonic Syndicate treat.

Another band which ignites the fullest rapture on the album is Oklahoma based electronic band, Pittersplatter who firstly with Necrotech enthrals and deliciously contaminates the senses with explosive cyber spawn melodies and an exhausting soundscape before returning again later to equal strength and addictive allurement with Mummies And Music Boxes and its invidious sonic theatrics.

Throughout its rich breadth the album continues to enchant and raise shadows with craft and enterprise. The album like its sister release has  impressive consistency in quality, imagination, and depth to all the tracks featured. Most single compilations waver within personal tastes but the pair from Juggernaut Services ignites the passions with every minute of their declarations. The likes of Manchester, UK band Cortex Defect with their two slices of future pop, Bliss Of Surrender and Heart Of Dust (Club Mix), the twin goth/darkwave offerings Messiah and Songs Made Of Solitude And Pain from Belarus band Kaltherzig, and Washington DC Retrogramme all cast their diverse and emotive sonic instigations upon the listener bringing the fullest rewards. The last of the three is a trio of musicians who create a tapestry of synthpop, darkwave, and ambience into a mesmeric and enveloping atmospheric encounter with a pop lit heart and electro voice. On Calming Cyclones their songs 911 For Locals and Heaven Is Closer Than You Think entice and infuse the most open of emotions and pleasure.

The likes of Revenant Cult from Australia and Canadians Psykkle with their dark electro continue the shifting infection upon the album whilst Scottish misanthropes Plastic Noose ensure the album ends on an elevated pinnacle in the sonic sedition Road To Perdition immediately backed up by Tactical Module and the Cortex Defect Remix of Dead Zone.

As with its companion compilation, Calming Cyclones in its own unique and distinct presence leaves the previously hidden shadows of industrial/electro underground with all it glorious detours an openly lit invitation, something which to ignore would be irresponsible to the passions.

Get the Name Your Price purchase @



1. XP8 – Burning Down

2. MiXE1 – Breathe

3. Pittersplatter – Necrotech

4. Cortex Defect – Bliss Of Surrender

5. Kaltherzig – Messiah

6. Retrogramme – 911 For Locals

7. Revenant Cult – Spectral Heresy

8. MiXE1 – This Is Not Goodbye

9. Cortex Defect – Heart Of Dust (Club Mix)

10. Pittersplatter – Mummies And Music Boxes

11. Retrogramme – Heaven Is Closer Than You Think

12. Kaltherzig – Songs Made Of Solitude And Pain

13. Psykkle – City Of Nodes (Revenant Cult Remix)

14. Plastic Noose – Road To Perdition

15. Tactical Module – Dead Zone (Cortex Defect Remix)

16. XP8 – Trip (Remixed By Cutoff:Sky)

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Ticks Talk: Drug Dimension

Ticks Talk

    Hailing from Guwahati, India, progressive metal band Ticks Talk has been earning some strong attention and responses in their neck of the world and with the release of their debut single Drug Dimension now make the first impressive step in widening that enthused awareness.

Formed in mid-2012, the quintet of vocalist Bhargav Talukdar, guitarist Yoon Narzary, bassist Sun Sin Singha, drummer Tanfiz Hussain, and Pretom Boro on keys, soon made their mark by winning Techxetra Metanoia 2012,an annual beat contest at Tezpur University, and performing at the 2nd Guwahati International Music Festival 2012. The members of the band have featured in many local bands before Ticks Talk, and their experience and developed craft is an open vein within the first single from the band.

Drug Dimension is the tale of a scientist who in frustration at the evils in the world around him steps into the future in search of Drug dimension artworkpeace and happiness. There he finds a much darker place, a brutal punishing dimension where you have to kill to live. It opens with lone piano drama underscored by sawing niggly coarse riffs but soon expands into a bedlamic almost psychotic weave of progressive dysfunction surrounding abrasive riffs and firm rhythms. Into its restrained stride the track continues chugging its way through the ear with strong vocals adding the narrative whilst a dazzle of sonic and synth bewilderment distracts and intrigues. It is a startling brew which teases chaos but instead is an irresistible captivation. As it pushes its boundaries the song pulls in many directions whilst leading to the same point and across its imaginative visual soundscape brings essences of seventies psychedelia/classic metal, groove, and progressive metal for a Motherjane meets Dream Theater meets Faith No More encounter.

Initially the track lights up the ear and senses easily encouraging more returns but with each encounter evolves into something magnificent which has the tightest hold on the passions. Seductive and abrasive, gentle and aggressive, Drug Dimension is irrepressibly magnetic and innovative, a fresh wind of diverse styles and invention fused into a release which will set the band in the spotlight of acclaim and attention from here on in.


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