This Wicked Tongue: Provinces EP + Mick Hucknall’s Hair


    From Worcester in the UK, This Wicked Tongue is one of those bands which once heard or is that bitten they stay around with a lustful lingering. Brewing up storms of rock n roll pulsating with essences of progressive rock, grunge, and alternative rock, the band creates a thrilling fiery sound which is rife with a deviously seductive persuasion and mischief. Their Provinces EP which came out in the latter part of last year is a release which fully deserves a belated look whilst their new single Mick Hucknall’s Hair, due for release in May, is a song which defies any patience in sharing its stunning quality.

Formed in 2011 and taking influences such as Queens of the Stone Age, Nirvana, Audioslave, and Soundgarden into their creative design, the quartet of Tina V (vocalist/guitarist/ keyboards), Haydn (vocalist/guitarist), Rob (bass, and Ben (drums) has emerged with a sound which equally offers the passion of Skunk Anansie and the melodic lures of Throwing Muses. This Wicked Tongue on the evidence of these two releases and their previous self-titled EP, openly do not lack invention or imagination with the band able to craft stirring infectious and tempting songs which are veined by sculpted hooks, explosive energy, and instinctive passion.

The Provinces EP is made up of six tracks which capture the imagination with ease, their varied and compelling sounds a lingering and hungry presence in the ear. Opening song House first places a blistered sonic hand on the listener before unveiling a rich flame of stoner groove and a passion baiting funk bassline. Turning into an eager to please stroll with bass and guitar making their individual lures of invention, the vocals of Tina stroke the ear with restraint within the reserved gait of the song. Soon though the song ignites a feisty feast of impressive energy and open emotions to leave an ever tastier flavour which gains additional potency as the track writhes and twists with further craft and enterprise before it departs to lift the satisfaction levels up greater levels.

The following If This is Me teases with a heavier impacting energy and once again a blaze of sonic colour from the guitars, their bluesy swagger bold and confident without indulging in any over blown grandeur. Though the song lacks the addictive hold of its predecessor it is a heated slice of accomplished songwriting and even greater impacting realisation. With its heart bleeding emotion in every note and a delicious harmonic tease in its final few breathes, the track sets up the senses for the equally emotive and inviting Cape Pelorem. It is a vibrant rain of sizzling melodies and elegant hooks all coated with heated rock tenacity, an intenseness which compliments rather than smothers the mellower light of the track. It is a song which triggers an inflammation of the passions before passing on the next step to their rapture to next up Discontent.

The track is stunning, a riveting encounter of taunting hooks and hearty bass sounds wrapped in vocal harmonies boisterously expanding the walls of the song. Loud whispers which can be seeded in the likes of Alice In Chains and Jane’s Addiction hold irresistible sway over the passions throughout though the song and band never settles for leaving things unstirred, a melodic aside with near siren properties sending thoughts escalating in to greater ardour. With a parting sonic scorching the song is the highest pinnacle of the release.

The EP is completed by the riotous energy of Your Hands, swiftly followed by a brief piano reprise of the same song. The main track sees both Tina and Haydn vocally guiding the powerful sounds to expose further evidence that the band can issue sinews of metal and rock with the same ease, power, and invention as they can their melodic flames and entrancing sonic shards. The song is another outstanding inferno of imaginative conception and leaves a lasting burn upon the heart.

As mentioned Mick Hucknall’s Hair has its physical release in May but we cannot wait to share its towering sound and invention. Immediately the song gnaws at the ear with ravenous riffs from guitar and bass whilst the drums bring an extra bite to their swiping punches than seen on the previous EP. The song offers strong indications that the band has evolved their sound and direction many steps on since the Provinces, the track having a richer growl and harder intensity to its rigid prowl. The band has not left their melodic beauty in the past though, the song weaving in virulent progressive radiance for the deepest fascination and invention from the band yet. Everything about the song is a marked evolution from the already impressive EP and it is hard to see the band not finding a far reaching recognition and stature in the years ahead.

Provinces EP 8/10 + Mick Hucknall’s Hair 9/10

RingMaster 06/03/2013

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