The Vox Dolomites -The Dirty Work Tour 2012 Movie.


     UK band The Vox Dolomites has been making great impressions and strides within British and European music scene with their infectious and provocative blend of punk and ska. Their EPs and online released tracks have ignited eager and ravenous responses plus critical acclaim, all a confrontation of irrepressible sound found with equal passion in their outstanding energy sapping live shows. The Stockport quartet of Antony Walsh (guitar, vocals),Will Farley (guitar, vocals), Chris O’Donnell (bass, vocals) and Simon Dunnington (drums) since forming in 2011, has continued to inspire and ignite the passions of an ever growing fan base with no more potent a reception and enthusiasm than in Japan where the band is greedily and warmly followed. The Dirty Work Tour 2012 is a short film which covers a tour of the same name in the Land of the Rising Sun last October, an unobtrusive yet open recording of the band and their time which visually declares the passion and warmth inspired and felt by the band from probably the most energetic and enthusiastic fans any band could wish for, a passion it must be said the band readily returns.

The film is produced and recorded by Chalkman of Chalkman Video, a film maker from the evidence of this film alone who can be clearly seen as having an understanding of how music and emotions inspired can paint the fullest colourful picture. A musician himself (in punk folksters Paper Town and other bands before), Chalkman has already given a visual potency to The Vox Dolomites with their Losing Hands video as well as creating pieces for the likes of One Man Stand, Yo el Rey, and his own band, his musical side one suggests giving him an understanding on how to let things naturally tell a narrative through the music and its arguably larger than life persona.

As the opening credits hit the screen the voice of a Japanese flight crew member of the airline bringing the band to Tokyo welcomes passengers and viewers to the feast of visuals and sound ahead. The screen then splits into three with fans excitedly awaiting the band in one box alongside another showing the busy aspect of life and the cosmopolitan style of the country, both surrounding a live track from one of The Vox Dolomite shows. As the band explode with their impressive live presence, the clarity of sound of the show unleashing the full power and craft of the band, Chalkman keeps everything vibrant, intriguing, and magnetic by varying the splitting of the screen and the constant caress of images. At times it might be just a full screen look at the band playing and other times two or band and friendthree simultaneously playing films of continued looks at Japan, its people, and fans side by side with live performance. The craft and skill within the film is that at no moment does this full helping of visuals over power, distract, or slip by, everything devoured by the eye with keen attention and appetite.

With live performances at various venues on the tour of songs such as Losing Hands, No Split Ends, Break Down The Walls, and Horrorshow, the film is a continual treat of live unbridled energy and passion from band and hungry fans which alone makes for a compelling treat for the eyes and senses but with the potent and diverse images of the country and its people, the film becomes an even richer documentary of The Vox Dolomites within the magnificent giant ‘venue’ warmly entertaining them. Particular favourite moments alongside the outstanding live performances, always a given with The Vox Dolomites, include the band recording a cover of the classic Menace track GLC at Roxy and Green Brew studios in Tokyo with Taizo Hayama providing the vocals, the array of stunning guitars designs shown at one point in a store, and the closing live track, a version of DREX song We Will Have Our Say which sees tour organiser Takumix Mitsuda leading the song with passion and unrestrained energy.

The Dirty Work Tour 2012 movie is a real treat and pleasure to watch, listen to, and return to over and over again. An honest and complete emotional canvas of sound and vision with no indulgences or ego, this is one music film which deserves all the attention it can and should get so go and hit the link right now…


RingMaster 05/03/2013

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