Komla: EP


    The debut from UK melody alchemists KOMLA is the soundtrack to summer days, an inspiration to dance in the embrace of the sun without a care in the heart with a blaze of lustful energy and passion, though listening to the four track release inspires those thoughts and that warmth any time of the year or day. The EP is a sizzling party for the senses and emotions as well as powerful evidence as to why the West London trio has earned rich enthused acclaim and a rapidly growing energised fan base over recent months.

Formed in September 2012, the band has thrilled London with their triumphant sounds, lighting up venues such as The O2 Academy, The Hoxton Underbelly and headlining at the 100 Club Oxford Street and The Camden Barfly. They have also impressively lit up festivals such as successive Oxjam events in London as well as successfully supporting the headline act for the Sigulda Blues Festival, Latvia and headlining a Rock Festival in Lithuania. KOMLA consists of vocalist/guitarist Leeno, bassist Kelpie, and drummer Arthur, musicians who have absorbed and delivered sounds across recent decades to create their own distinct and instinctive form of rock pop with rich veins of soul and blues, the combination an eclectic colourful kaleidoscope of sound.

Opening song Never Give Up immediately soaks the ear in melodic blues flames, a lush soak of incendiary sound which perks up the senses and has feet unable to settle. The effect haze upon the vocals adds to the shimmering heat of the song soon enhanced by the very persuasive guitar play and the gentle smouldering the song occasional rests within, the ‘pause’ allowing a gulp of breath before the next session of elevated enthusiasm. The song is a breath of fresh air with a hot potency of sound and passion brought through expressive play and unbridled energy that leaves one exhausted by and basking in its glorious warmth.

The following That Summer continues the impressive and imaginative expanse of defined hooks, melodic coaxing, and contagious energy though as in all songs, with a distinct character and presence. Employing a slight ska gait to its tempting stroll, the song leads the senses into another shower of hot irresistible melodies and contagious rhythms framing a weave of mesmeric swirls and riotous fun. Again it is a track which denies limbs and passions any peace, the devilish instigator to enthused dance and unbridled pleasure. The vocals of Leeno carry a Martin Fry lilt to them, something which brings a whisper of ABC across all songs to be honest and here certainly there is the irrepressible pop lures which equally marks both bands.

Sold Out is a slower ballad like seduction, a song which caresses the ear with golden kisses and lingering melodic touches. The bass of Kelpie adds a melancholic essence to the resourceful graceful gait of the bright sultry walk adding shadow within the emotive love endorsed by vocals and guitar. Once more the band offers a completely different stance with an equality in sound and depth which is immensely impressive, the song itself real pop music with no shackles just heart borne.

The closing We Belong brings a party to the passions once more, its eager romp and swagger an ignition to wanton enterprise from voice and limbs from the listener, sorry KOMLA I tried to resist as dogs wailed and cats threw themselves under buses but damn the song is a temptation too far. It again is a lasting tease and thrill which demands once it departs with infectious melodies and flourishes under wing that an immediately re-start to the EP is the only option.

KOMLA is a band destined to major things as they inspire and invigorate more and more awakening hearts. They make pop music at its richest and purest but with a rock passion which takes it beyond borders and limitations, wonderful stuff.



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