Dizraeli and The Small Gods: Million Miles


After being seduced and excited beyond legal limits by the single Never Mind there was a certain lustful teenager like anticipation when finally getting hands on the new second single from Dizraeli and the Small Gods, and it rewards with original and innovative charm.  Million Miles is another distinct delicious stomp of folk hiphop from the English band, another exceptional tease and conspirator in the brewing impatience and anticipation towards Moving In The Darkness, their debut album.

Dizraeli and the Small Gods formed in 2009 out of the solo album Engurland (City Shanties) from rapper/multi-instrumentalist Dizraeli, many of the band performing on and touring the release. The Bristol septet took no time in grabbing attention including winning a slot on the West Holts stage at Glastonbury, collaborating with Shlomo at the Queen Elizabeth Hall, and lighting up stages across the country. Never Mind with its accompanying video took the band up another level to the ears and lips of a great many more fans and eager media attention.

The ECC Records released Million Miles continues the inspired evocative songwriting and inventive sound of the band and again the line-up of Dizraeli, Cate Ferris (vocals), Jules Arthur (viola), Lee Westwood (guitar), Bellatrix (bass), Paul Gregory (drums), and DJ Downlow, inflame the senses and heart with staggering ease and stunning imaginative strength.

As the viola chisels earnestly at the ear vociferous bulges of rhythms and scatting beats saunter up below vocal sways from Ferris in the skies of the song. It is an immediate enchantment with an uncomplicated mesmeric swagger which tells all about song and its passion. Dizraeli steps forward to begin his side of the tale of two lovers courting and finding love amidst the madness conflict with his usual distinctive lyrical prowess and compelling style and once the glorious tones of Ferris ignite the senses and atmosphere with her stunning voice and smouldering touch, the song has fully enveloped and persuaded heart and soul into its emotive world.

The song is a sultry storm of eclectic and varied flavours and textures fused into a free flowing almost deceptively simple piece of wonder with the grandeur and beauty that love shadowed or in full fire can bloom. Completed by a fuller version of the single, an intriguing remix by Shamanic Technology, and the emotional Celtic folk tempest of There Is A Way where both vocalists singing upon an unsympathetic quelled drone and stark atmosphere tell the tale of a life trapped in the torment of drugs and demons, Million Miles is just exceptional.  The single confirms the stature of Dizraeli and The Small Gods as one of the most exciting and inventive artists in the UK right now…just wish they would hurry up and release their album though.



RingMaster 04/03/2013

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