Everthrone: Gilded Throat


    Once there was a band called Merzah, a group of musicians from York County, South Carolina who from forming in 2005 earned a fine reputation for their muscular and aggressive form of progressive metal sculpted with a magnetic melodic imagination. Two EPs, In the Trenches of 2006 and especially Existence Denied released in 2009, as well as impressive live performances marked the band as having one of the more inventive enterprising sounds to be inspired by. Now the musicians who made up a very promising band have stepped forward as Everthrone, an evolution of the former guise which has emerged as something even more impressive and creatively intriguing, and even more thrilling.

The now McConnells, SC based band consisting of vocalist Russell Plyler, guitarist Nevin McKeown, bassist Chris Carland, drummer Jeremy McKeown, and Dustin McDaniel on keys, has just released their first official track as Everthrone, a song which stands tall as a striking piece of invention.

Gilded Throat is a dramatic blaze of progressive and melodic metal fused with loud whispers of symphonic metal, the malevolence of black metal, and an infectious energy reaped from power metal brewed together for a startling and forceful encounter. The earlier sound of the band in hindsight hinted and was working towards this new flavoursome confrontation but as Everthrone, the band has reaped those seeds for the finest bloom. The track opens with dramatic and emotive piano evocation to brew up a sense of something epic on the near horizon. After its opening breath the song draws in sharp dangerous rhythms and sturdily chopping riffs to add menace to the still brewing symphonic grandeur and once the excellent melodic tones of Plyler bring their persuasion into play, the song has attention firmly within its tender grasp. Like all great metal songs though that grip tightens and becomes more intensive, following coarse growls disrupting the clear air with spite and insidious venom as the sounds unveil further muscle. Thoughts are left further intrigued by an electro additive to the vocals and keys stepping forward to bring another compelling twist in the enthralling journey of the song. To be honest this constant shift and twisting of style and gait within a song should not work and for many does not, but they are not Everthrone who achieve glorious results through thoughtful songwriting and skilled realisation of their imaginative and innovative ideas.

Continuing its immense stroll of invention, Gilded Throat continues to reward with greater melodic caresses, symphonic kisses, and powerful enterprise and intensity, with only the fact the track drifts away rather than finds a real ending a niggle, but just a personal dislike hard to shake off in regard to any song. The track is openly impressive and a thoroughly exciting introduction to this new stage of a rising force in melodic metal. The wait for their next release and song is going to be impatient for a great many.



RingMaster 02/03/2013


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