Pigeon Lake : I: Mindrape EP


    The I: Mindrape EP from Norwegian band Pigeon Lake is one of those releases which you instantly take a shine to, its initial persuasion rich and strong enough to declare a lasting friendship with, its impressive sounds a given temptation. This immediacy also generally means a brooding greater passion the more time spent in the company of the instigator and this release is certainly no exception.

The quartet from Oslo brew up a textured sound which continually evolves through hard rock and metal, mixing the two and further open flavouring for an equally bruising and alluring encounter with strong magnetism and open passion. Made up of seven tracks, the EP is a thoughtful and superbly crafted with a mutual involvement of aggression and seduction in its intent. The line-up of Christopher Schackt, Magnus Engemoen, Andreas Prestby, and Anders Børresen, are not arguably forging new horizons on their debut but for an introduction it is undoubtedly compelling and deeply promising whilst leaving a level of satisfaction some bands can only dream of.

The Intro to the release is a heavy thrust of doom soaked resonance with a snarl and hunger to it which is transferred through its 18313_493180107372016_1317142159_nsavage rhythms and rabid riffs, not to mention the exhausting ravenous voice the band employs. It is a tremendous start which deceives in many ways as despite some brief melodic veining the instrumental holds a primal intensity to the fore. The following Unnamed though immediately caresses the ear with strong melodic guitar invitation whilst a mellow ambience stirs its head before launching into a sturdy gait of energy and sound. Into its stride the track steps into a mesmeric charm of soft vocals, a whispered sonic blistering, and continually thumping rhythms, and soon is a delicious ride of diversity, its stance at any moment fuelled from stoner, melodic rock, grunge, and nu metal. It is an exceptional piece of creativity with a welcome familiarity but all new freshness which leaves one enthralled.

D-Day is a feast of impossibly infectious grooves and finely sculpted melodic enterprise which again is like an old friend taking you on a boisterous and invigorating ride. It is revelry of rock n roll where limbs and voice take their own decision to join in the fun whilst the band still keeps you slightly guarded with predatory riffs and prowling intimidation from the ever broody bass. With an air of Life Of Agony meets Soundgarden to it, the song offers variety and expanse to sound and heart with each song on the release to date individual in presence and character.

This continuing twist of invention and imagination continues through the blues rock I’m Pulsive and Hunter. The first is an emotive encounter with teasing flaming grooves and expressive melodic spirals of guitar within muscular walls and energy. Once more the bass has a gnarly side which is irresistible and offers compelling shadows to the brighter sounds surrounding it. The second is a cover song though apologies for not being able to tell you whose. It is a strong and satisfying song but like its companion fails to match the earlier heights and the song itself the weakest on the EP which shows the strength of the songwriting of the band.

The release is completed by the hard rock antagonism of Wifebeater and the outstanding Sacred (feat. Einar Grønbekk).  Whilst the first slaps the senses with striking sinews and great melodic fury it is the other which leaves one of the lasting impressions from the EP. Opening with a smouldering rub of guitar and gentle coaxing vocals the song tenderly engages thoughts and emotions whilst adding an edge of chilled shadows from the bass. As it evolves its heart and length, the song is a splendour of progressive rock with psychedelic blues heat and intensive groove metal aggression scoring its edges. It is a song impossible to truly express its stature here, something only the ear can appreciate, but the song is an exploration which reveals the band has much more to investigate and offer ahead.

I: Mindrape EP is an enthralling and rewarding release which declares Pigeon Lake as a band with a strong future and even greater vision. If melodic invention in either rock or metal tempts than this band is ripe for your investigation.



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