The Procession: Call You

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    The promo sheet for Call You, the new single from UK indie rock band The Procession, suggests it is a hint of a new direction for the band. Taken from their acclaimed debut You Are Now Leaving The Future, the song certainly is one of the more diverse and enthralling tracks on the album but whether the clue to a new avenue for their already intriguing and imaginative sound to experiment with we will have to wait until their second album due for release later in the year. Featuring the guest vocals of Emma Redhead, the single all the same is a warm and enchanting endeavour which easily leads one to want to further investigate the band.

Formed in 2007 whilst all band members were at university, the Midlands based quartet of vocalist/guitarist James Best, vocalist/guitarist/keyboardist Martin Byrne, bassist Paul Richardson, and drummer Rob Gill, took no time in making a name for themselves on the local live scene. Their continued ascent brought radio and media exposure elevated further when they became the inaugural winners of the BandForTheDay international unsigned band competition. 2011 saw the release of their debut EP Sometimes on Circular Records to strong acclaim surpassed when the October of the following year via the same label, You Are Now Leaving The Future was unleashed. Previous single Cease and Desist was an eagerly pursued invitation for fans into the full length release something which Call You easily repeats for newcomers to the band.

A sultry caress of acoustic and electric guitar washes over the ear initially to bring the senses to focus as the compelling dual vocals entwine around the emotive sound and lyrics. The silky tones of Redhead are a delicious kiss and smouldering temptation alongside the vocals of Best and Byrne in verse and the glorious chorus harmonies. Musically the song entices and entrances with an equally seductive elegance and passion and though the song never explodes into a full fire there is an anthemic breath which shouts loudly at times to complete the fully riveting encounter. Combining reserved flames of folk, pop, and rock into one stirring and inciting emotive flame Call You is a delightfully contagious treat which is unafraid to show its sinews for an even deeper satisfaction.

The single is one of the highlights of You Are Now Leaving The Future  and has not lost any of its rich potency over the months since. In fact it makes thoughts of the next album from The Procession even more excitable.


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