Foundations: Honour EP


     UK melodic bruisers Foundations show with their new release they are on a definite creative ascendency and a band to keep a close eye on over the coming years. The Honour EP is their third release and once more like with their previous ones shows the Teesside based quintet progressing rapidly with their potent and vigorous sound. Combining melodic metalcore with abrasive hardcore, the new three track EP is a full on engagement which provokes, abrases, and fully satisfies.

Following their well-received Deceived EP of early 2012, Honour is another powerful step forward for the band, a trio of songs which are as contagious as they are intimidating and angry. A surging onslaught of rampaging riffs, crippling rhythms, and a vocal ferocity of near spite driven passion, the release is a formidable encounter which with the expert veining of melodic and sonic groves and barbed hooks elevates to something even more special.

The release sears the ear from the very first seconds of opener Sickness, its senses ravishing tech metal plundering and destructiveFoundations - Honour EP - honourcover intent an instant magnetic lure to the emerging heart of the song. The vocals of Josh Bywater also rage with strength and passion from those first moments to scar and incite before the torrent of riffs from Dave Hodgkiss and Simon Hunt entrench themselves with skill and spite in the wounds. The rhythmic accuracy of drummer Mikey Davison builds a combative cage for the riffs and sonic violations to exploit the emotions but it is the prowling shadowed drenched lines of bassist Daniel Mcintosh which masterfully completes the impressive confrontation. Often here and across the EP, his play is understated in the production, almost hidden by the raging intensity but continually brings a depth and presence to the sound which is undeniably hungry and insatiable. The song which also features Curtis Robinson of Wraiths, is an explosive and compelling start and probably the pinnacle of the release though all tracks stand out equally.

The title track continues the punishing and accomplished furnace of energy and passion, its imposing riffs and barbaric rhythms merciless within the raw and tempestuous vocal and bruising havoc of intensity and crushing sounds. Like its predecessor the song is unafraid to entwine its malice with finely sculpted melodic flames and sonic dexterity but twists them into even more virulent inspiring yet toxic delights to enthral and consume.

The closing Purity takes mere moments to chew upon the ear with agitated riffs and a sadistic predatory stance which stalks and overwhelms the senses. Within its turbulent riot of emotion there is a seductive groove which offers an escape from the brutality only to lead you right back into the annihilatory heart of the song. Though the song possibly lacks the diversity of the previous pair it is still a succulent beast to be confronted and welcomingly abused by.

Listening to the Honour EP you still get the impression there is much more to come from the band which raises strong anticipation for the future. Their unique sound is still evolving into one which will truly set them apart from the rest of the cream within metalcore but as the release shows Foundations is certainly well into their journey and creating music which thrills and satisfies more than most.

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