Full Story At Midnight: No Rest For The Rotten

   Full Story At Midnight-

   Reaching out from beneath the damp heavy earth of Tucson, Arizona graveyards, horror rock band Full Story At Midnight is poised to stalk every living nightmare with their debut album No Rest For The Rotten. Eight tracks of sonic evil and blood-letting menace, the album brews up a potent potion of horror rock, punk and psychobilly which is as heavy as the night and as intimidating as shadows.

The band began in 2004 as a solo project of vocalist/guitarist Elvis Aron Deadly under the name The Sacred Profane. Going through a few names the band eventually stepped forth as Full Story At Midnight with Deadly having recruited some equally creative ghouls alongside him. 2007 saw the band as The Sacred Profane appear on the Halloween Compilation from Fear The Dead Records and release the successful Alone In The Dark EP. Then and since Full Story At Midnight has appeared alongside the likes of Michale Graves, The Koffin Kats, Mercy Kill, Mommy Sez No, The Independents, Calabrese, The Returners, Wednesday 13, and Demented Are Go with a fine live reputation in tow which their well-received Drive In Horror Show EP built further upon with equally impressive responses.

Their debut album is an explosive riot of sound with a raw live feel which makes it coarse but fully engaging and organic, the passionfsamcolor and energy of their richly flavoured horror rock a coarse and incendiary gnaw on the senses. The release opens with Lawnmower Limb Thrower, its initial electric feed sizzles in the air before concussive rhythms and snarling riffs rip up the chilled ambience. It is immediately into a rampant stride with an insistent intensity covered by the excellent vocals of Deadly, his Jerry Only like tones a seductive lure against the rasping shouts and caustic squalls behind him. The song is a vibrant mix of Misfits and Blitzkid with a scowl which is pure punk.

The crawling heavy malevolence of Boogieman Like Me spreads its vindictive charms next with thumping rhythms and ravenous riffs chewing up the ear whilst the sonic persuasion of the guitar flames against the tumultuous energy. Unleashing its bruising might the early-AFI spice of the song sparks against the muscular punk fire of the song and continues the strong start to the album with ease.

A smoother melodic breath smoulders within next up Everything But A Tomorrow, the song offering warm melodies and harmonies within a heated sonic embrace framed by sturdy sinews of rhythmic fervor. It has to be said though that the production on the release is a mixed bag. On one hand it gives the great unpolished element of the album as on this song a strong platform to bring the live power of the band to the release but against that it does deny a clearer clarity which the excellent tracks deserve. Despite this tracks like Total Hate with its carnivorous riffing and seductive vocal croon and Hideous Infant with its gnawing guitar grazing and bass prowl, stand as absorbing and challenging encounters which only satisfy.

Before departing the death drenched release brings further mental violations through the rapacious Making A Monster, its startling insatiable sonic bloodlust a furnace of The Ramones. The Meteors, and Frankenstein Drag Queens From Planet 13, and the fiery Puzzle Box, a song rippling with rockabilly passion and hardcore energy. Both songs again bring diversity to the album to keep the listener fully attentive and pleasured.

Ending with a final charge of unbridled energy and eager psychobilly/horror rock in the raucous Trick Or Trick, the album completes a fully pleasing and exciting confrontation. No Rest For The Rotten is an album to re-animate any dormant rock n roll hearts and invigorate the living dead, and suggests that if you give Full Story At Midnight the studio and tools to fully bring out their undeniable invention and craft then the living best start running.



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