These Reigning Days: Too Late

these reigning days

    UK band These Reigning Days have an album due out later in the year but until its release seem intent to tease and torment by releasing singles which leave the listener over excited and longing for much more. The songs Changes and Living It Up have already more than wetted the appetite with their infectious and melodic powers but now the band has really ignited the touch paper of anticipation with their best single yet, the anthemic giant Too Late.

Formed by former frontman/songwriter of The Quails, Dan Steer, the band has been on a strong charge through their releases to date and live performances which since making their debut alongside Metronomy has found them supporting Echo and The Bunnymen at a festival in Rome and an impressive series of festival appearances waiting for them in 2013, as well as recording a live session on BBC Introducing in Devon.  The trio of Steer, bassist/vocalist Jonny Finnis (Numb), and drummer Joe Samsone (Morph), continue to impress and garner acclaim as well as a bulging fan base to which the new single will only inspire further.

The single opens on a feisty dark bassline which wonderfully prowls with a swagger around seductive guitar strokes which smoulder and flame within the immediately heated atmosphere of the song. Once the fine vocals of Steer open up their lyrical narrative the song opens unveils an electronic ambience to complete a full persuasion before opening up  into a rampant, eager, and wholly contagious chorus where vocals and sounds unite to leave the senses breathless. With pungent rhythms which conspire to ignite even deeper passions in league with the bass and a delicious step into a sultry dance of Latin tempered invention and melodic seduction which leaves one drooling, Too Late is a masterful and completely absorbing treat.

These Reigning Days has once more unleashed a track which knows how to incite and engage the raptures with skill and mischievous imagination. It has also made the wait for their Yoad Nevo (Pet Shop Boys, Duran Duran, Girls Aloud, Goldfrapp) produced album even more agitated and impatient but after a song this good we will forgive them.

Too Late is available as a free download for just one month from today so stop reading and find out how to grab

your own piece of irresistible fun now @ or


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