Degeneración Debraye: Body & Simphony


The unleashing of important talent through US underground label Engraved Ritual shows no sign of letting up as they start the year with the sizzling debut single from Mexican band Degeneración Debraye. A taster of its forth coming album El Mundo Y Sus Demonios, scheduled for an April release, the track is an irresistible slice of viral dancefloor infection with a provocative and incisive breath. It burns the senses with a delicious sonic wash whilst caressing the smouldering wounds with a melodic kiss which pulsates with an enveloping passion.

The Orizaba, Veracruz project is the solo work of Ygrod Droid, an artist who already is causing great stirrings in the industrial/electro underground. Written, produced, and recorded over the latter half of 2012 by the man, with mastering from Stahlblack Productions in The Netherlands in the dying weeks, Body & Simphony is an immediate introduction to an inspiring creativity, a track which skilfully ignites all the enthused energies of dance sounds whilst evoking and inviting a strong response to the darker inciting lyrics.

The track opens with an epic sounding swell of orchestral infused drama, strokes of synth strings swiping the senses as the thumping3375752036-1 beats and alarmed surges join the engagement. Soon an electro swagger breaks out with melodies laying a wanton dance over the insurgent heart of the track. The clean vocals of Ygrod Droid as he frees the striking lyrical intent, add shadowed warmth which eventually evolves into a blistering vocal squall, its serpentine menace a brewing storm within the world and the darkest corners of the track. As the song spreads further within thoughts and body it offers infectious melodic symphonies which hold a familiarity, a comfort in the bordering bruising confrontation. The passage of the song is a canvas of impossible to refuse sonic suggestions and melodic teasing which sparks a firm and lingering enlistment to its cause.

Like a mix of Gods Destruction and Celldweller, the single enthrals and intimidates with skilled seduction and persuasive imminence to produce a thrilling and invigorating companion. If this is the flavour of the full meal to come with the debut album from Degeneración Debraye, let us skip the next couple of months right now.

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RingMaster 28/01/2013


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  1. It sounds very nice!!! Love it!

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