Order Of 315 – Near-Birth Experience

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     Near-Birth Experience in its initial encounter made for an extremely pleasurable bruising rampage but given time and frequent sorties with its antagonistic and deeply satisfying riot, soon became an instigator to the hunger to chew upon the world and all its occupants. It is arguably not the most destructive release you will come across but certainly offers enough brutality to send the senses into a glorious riot whilst unleashing a diverse enterprise with spores birthed in a cross wealth of genres which ignite the passions with ease.

The 2010 formed French quintet distils the crucial essences of anything from hard rock, progressive, and alternative metal to metalcore, and thrash into their own focused sound. It is a brew which sparks plenty of varied comparisons to others but stands apart from most. Despite the wealth of different spices musically the band does not operate in new undiscovered realms but instead uses their inspirations in a way unlike most others. Near-Birth Experience is their debut album which proudly and eagerly assaults the ear with this intriguing mix to leave nothing less than enthused emotion in its muscular wake. It is not quite flawless but any niggles disappear into the storm of impressive enterprise and irresistible energy.

The album explodes into life with one of its many highlights. Enemies Wait Inside prowls as it leans against the senses with 21201_406903412715923_1797866161_nconcussive percussion and thumping rhythms whilst riffs snarl and unleash a raw breath upon the ear. With the taking of a slight musical breath as the vocals of Edgar Jabberwocky enters the affray, the track stomps into a course of pace switching and magnetic enthralling invention. The track immediately gives pointers to the influences which have styled the sound of Order Of 315. As it unveils sinewy caresses and simmering intensity it triggers a flight of thoughts and comparisons to the likes of Korn, Marilyn Manson, (Hed) PE, and fellow Parisians Watcha. It is an exciting potent encounter where the bass of Giovanni R. Baldini is an impressive provocative shadow throughout and the guitars of Klaus K. Kersey and James W. Lowellson the conjurors of melodic and sonic flames which shoot across the backs of the uncompromising riffing.

Dogs That Lick, Dogs That Bite (The Leary Bill Of Rights) takes up the challenge of following the strong start with relish. It is another measured consumption with compulsive riveting riffs and sonic scything whilst the vocals squall with full passion eye to eye with incited thoughts and impressions of their recipients. With more than a heavy whisper of Five Finger Death Punch and Hellyeah to its stance the song bristles with attitude and makes the richest persuades convincingly with its compelling twists and varied craft of sound and gait. The drums of Pablo Civil have a more controlled muscle to their demands than with the first song and only add further stature to the track and its depth. The song unveils more of the great craft and skill of the guitarists which was hinted at in the opener, the sonic solo midway a furnace of energy and heart which leaves a lasting impression.

As the songs come in rich and muscular presences so the variations continue. The excellent Some Like It Shot opens a door into the thrash/metal touches of a Metallica whilst The Pact breeds grooves and incendiary melodic scarring which explodes with tones of Black Label Society and Machine Head. Nonpoint is another varied caustic contagion, the song a grasping and rasping expanse of barracking rhythms, ravenous vocals, and infectious melodic imagination. It taunts and rips at the senses until they and the heart is a quivering compliant and most of all a greedily willing victim. The song is a towering example of the band at its best on the album and another major pinnacle in its hulking presence.

To just raise one minor quibble over the album, the vocals are outstanding throughout but they do bring a similarity to the tempests which defuses a little of the differences between the songs but something which you can expect to work itself out ahead. As more of the album stands tall and raucous against the ear through songs like S.A (Territorial Glorious Story) and the closing gem Mr Brainwash, the release forges itself deeper into the passions. The release is an excellent debut from in Order Of 315, a band with a wealth of obvious promise still to be explored and exceeded. Near-Birth Experience is an album which we have no hesitation in recommending.


RingMaster 19/01/2013

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