The Grave Slaves -Roam with the Dead


The perfect soundtrack to the rampage of the darkest ruinous shadows expelled from head stone violated revengeful corpses; Roam with the Dead is a storming unrelenting feast of prime psychobilly veined with venomous whispers of punk, rockabilly, and horror punk. Unleashed by Orange County rioters The Grave Slaves, the album is an irresistible and mischievous maelstrom of essential sounds and thrilling energy conjured into an encounter which is tagged as gothabilly. The release is a treat which devours the ear and passions in exchange for the deepest ravenous rewards and unbridled pleasure, it is a two way rapture which leaves one drooling with lust for much more.

There is not much to the background of the band we can tell you about apart from the quartet of vocalist/guitarist Jaysin Graves, lead guitarist Blood Sweat Brett, bassist Sideshow, and drummer Johnny Nails being the perpetrators of the lingering passion which erupts for their tasty sounds, but their sensational release we can enthuse about with knowledge and ardour. Consisting of fourteen graveyard screams forged upon thunderous rhythms, barbarous bass brawls, and hunger driven riffs, the album seizes the heart from the opening strains of track one right through to its final parting spiteful whisper. It draws from the wells providing the previously mentioned sounds before filtrating them through the band’s own expressive venom for a stirring rampant treat.

Opener Suicide breezes in on sirens and an announcement giving fair warning of the carnage to follow. Leaping on all brave enough255440_421125601279594_1964325353_n to stick around the song bursts into romping bass taunts and scarring riffs driven by the impressive vocals of Graves. The track is one which does not venture too far from its core and arguably from the sound one expects from a psychobilly track but nevertheless feeds every desire you could have. The great solo from the guitar of Graves is an additional pleasing flame within the open tempest of villainous musical intent on the charge.

From the strong start things really pick up through firstly the haunting throes of What Have I Become and then a sensational trio of violations soon after. The second song on the release though dances with the ear like a demonic dervish brought through sizzling guitar caresses and exhausting energy. Again the rhythms of the song demand attention but make full payment with their anthemic potency whilst the vocals and heart of the track breathes vibrantly from within a Misfits/Calabrese like gait.

The impressive three prong attack which takes things to even greater triumphant lust comes in the feisty shapes of Outlaw, Maybe Tonight, and Lies. The first track is a delicious uproar of provoking rhythms and compelling riffs surrounding a contagious groove and middle finger charged vocals. It has an air of Nekromantix and Skitzo to its defiant tone and easily has one submissive to its towering excellence. Maybe Some Day is the same in effect, the slowly dawning prowl of the track lifting to a compelling stroll once into its stride. Again the vocals of Graves and the group chants ignite the need to join in whilst the sounds ripple with sinews which ebb and flow through skilled enterprise. The gentler surge of the song leads to the rampaging glory of Lies, a track which grabs the heart and whirls it on a fevered dance of deathly rhythms and expressive melodies. More horror punk than psychobilly in many ways it is a sensational brew from the two genres and pure contagion.

Every track in all honesty is immense and deserves a mention but further personal favourite and highlights come in the psycho pop Devil In Disguise which includes a great flame of harmonica from guest Tony The Harp Man G, the Resurex/Zombie Ghost Train spiced Blood Red, and the excellent instrumental Grave Slaves World which is borne from the same infection causing creative depths that Tiger Army plunder so well.

The schizo treat Crazy Psycho and the final aggressive bruise Till Death also create greater sparks within but every song on the album is a dark tempest to relish and devour with lustful eagerness. Roam with the Dead is a furnace of beatitude and The Grave Slaves one of the best emerging bands within psychobilly and dark tainted rock n roll.

RingMaster 16/01/2013

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