The Physicists – Wayne Newton Hulabaloo

The Physicists

Finnish industrial science metal band The Physicists is a new treat for us and one which going by their new single Wayne Newton Hulabaloo points to its creators being another flame to add to the fires of passionate preferences already garnered over the years. The single is immense, an eclectic riot of rich imagination, insatiable energy, and potent inspirational enterprise. If like us the Helsinki trio is new to you then their new song is the perfect doorway into their seemingly eccentric and wonderfully inventive world.

Taking a look and listen at some of their earlier tracks before addressing the single, The Physicists seem a band which brings an essential breath of experimentation and intrigue to their creativity, the clutch of songs briefly investigated all with an unique presence and gait let alone diverse sound. The new song is no different and a track which is the band at their invitingly mischievous best.

Wayne Newton Hulabaloo is said to continue the scientific tracks which began on their debut album Observation in 2011. The band itself planted its seeds in 2004 becoming a fully functioning trio in 2006 consisting of MC Omega zero (guitar, vocals, loops), Eerosmith (drums), and Gravitinus XVI (guitar). After a series of explosive and unforgettable gigs their first EP Welcome To The Dark Room appeared a year later and was said to split opinions between rapture and confusion, something you feel all their songs and music will wonderfully do. 2008 saw the unleashing of The Old Religion EP as well as the departure of Gravitinus XVI who was replaced by bassist F.P. Meridian. A year later rhythm guitarist David joined and the band took the whole of 2010 recording their first album which included the leaving of the newest member. Produced by Hiili Hiilesmaa and released like the single on Inverse Records, the album drew strong acclaim and enthusiastic reactions. The current line-up was completed by 2012 with new guitarist M-Theory and drummer Bill Rubin replacing Eerosmith. The new single finds the band at first glance on an even greater plateau than before and looks set to make the band a wider known proposition.

Wayne Newton Hulabaloo opens with a deep velvety guitar caress before opening up into a stroll of thumping rhythms, throaty vocals, and hypnotic melodic teasing. It is an instant hypnotic dance for the senses with sonic dazzling and mixed voices, smooth, seductive, and growling. The brief explosive chorus with an additional female beauty is sensational within the rampant and persistent sinewy drive of the track. It is mere moments before voice and certainly feet are complying with the persuasive charms and enthralling energy at work. It is a techno metallic feast with melodic manna and sonic conjuring for which there is no resistance. Warm and aggressive the track is an irresistible brew of sound which plays like a mix of Kontrust, De Staat, and Bondo Do Role.

It is a sensational single which has recruited our passions and no doubt will grab many more recruits to the band given the chance. That is up to you but we can only recommend letting it make its persuasion.

RingMaster 11/01/2013

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  1. Horrible song with bad English…

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