MESSiAHLATOR – Brain Killer


The truth is we cannot tell you much about Canadian metal punk band MESSiAHLATOR such the surprising difficulty in googling the distinctive name and lack of info online with any successful search, but we can tell you their latest EP Brain Killer is a raging spiteful assault that all hardcore, punk, and extreme metallers should take time to investigate. A free download from the band’s Bandcamp profile and available in cassette form, the five track intensive abrasion is an uncompromising violent attack on the senses and very satisfying indeed.

Consisting of Pavs (bass, vocals) and Brett (guitars, vocals), and Eric (drums), the trio from Edmonton combine an unhealthy mix of death metal, hardcore punk, crust, and grindcore resulting in a very beneficial and inspiring corrosive confrontation. The first vicious grazing comes from opener Righteous Man. It is a torrent of corrosive riffs and pummelling rhythms forced further home by the caustic sprawling vocals. The reoccurring groove which switches off and on is a grinding tease which excites the ear within the merciless intensity. The song is a testing and exhausting aggressive rampage which is powerful in its simplicity and provoking in its nastiness.

The following Canada Dry chews the ear with the sonic jaws of a predator who knows its victim cannot escape, flinging its carcass around the limits of the bruising aural cage with glee and unbridled aggression. It is a brief bitch slap with little respect for mercy and with an unrelenting hunger, something which is echoed by Ride The Plague. The third song is a surge of metallic enterprise and the continual vehemence which pervades every track on the release. The song offers diversity too, the rolling avalanche of rhythms and scorched melodic guitar strikes new contagious lures within the tempest of intensity and ferocious annihilation. The fluid mix of destructive metal and hardcore malice is impressive throughout but on this song at its most formidable and enthralling.

Who Won’t Wear The Ribbon is a slower consumption compared to what came before though still a raging violating fury across its towering presence. The track is the least successful on the EP yet still captures the imagination through an inventive enterprise which sparks from within the caustic sensory trespass.

The release is completed by Sky Burial, the groove driven best track on Brain Killer. It is a sonic malefaction leaking infection from inside its tumultuous intense assail. It overwhelms the ear with a compulsive and appetising mix of flesh grinding riffs, taunting melodic hooked grooves, and rampaging energy. It is a discord wrapped ravishment and quite punishingly delicious.

Brain Killer is not a release for everyone but certainly extreme noise fiends will find a thrilling challenge and adversary from the EP and MESSiAHLATOR themselves. Go and stand before their violence is our recommendation after all it is free from the link below.

RingMaster 10/01/2013

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