Sykopath Condor – Til It’s Gone

Sykopath Condor

With their debut album in the works and a string of gigs set for February, UK rock n roll band Sykopath Condor is setting things up by releasing the single Til It’s Gone at the end of January. It is a release which will ensure a definite anticipation and excitement for their full length upon its planned arrival in the summer. The track is the proof that you do not have to over complicate things to capture the imagination and thrill the senses. It is an accomplished and tightly crafted song which marks the Luton quartet as a band to keep a close eye and ear on.

Following on from their first and again enjoyable published song Fire & Blood, the new track is one of a series of songs to be unleashed from the forthcoming album leading up to its release. Bringing a muscular and resonating sound recalling bands such as Kyuss, Led Zeppelin, Soundgarden, and Stone Temple Pilots, the track inspires an allegiance from voice and feet to its equal blend of metal and rock. It is a very easy track to digest and find union with and just as easy to return to again and again to for its rock n roll treat.

Formed in 2010, and gigging since 2011, the foursome of vocalist George Zafirakis, guitarist Kai Wolf, bassist Ashley Clark, and drummer Ashley Morton, has built a loyal following to their sinewy sounds and gained a strong reputation for their live performances. Til It’s Gone tells you all you need to know about the band and makes for a riveting and refreshing companion as it makes its persuasive request to the passions. Fresh from an impressive performance in the final of a Battle Of The Bands competition in December, Sykopath Condor is set to make the year an energising and satisfying time for not only the band but British rock n roll as a whole on the evidence of their new single.

The song begins with an enticing guitar tease very reminiscent of Soundgarden before expanding into a feisty yet controlled groove and heavyweight presence. The vocals of Zafirakis impress alongside the equally mighty bass throbbing of Clark, the singer bringing an expressive plea to his tones and the bassist ably assisted by the rhythms of Morton, adding extra snarl and depth to the song without sacrificing any of the infectious melodic caresses and catchy breath of the track. It is a song which defies you not to join in the chorus after one burst of its contagious energy, something you will fail, whilst the guitar of Wolf adds its flames to ignite further sacrifice of inhibitions to join loud and proud with the tune.

Previous song Fire & Blood was a pleasing bruise of rock with all the elements which shine here, basically the band, rising to pleasing heights too but the new song has an extra irresistibility to it which makes it a track sure to appeal to an even wider rock and metal audience.

With a release gig on the 26th January at George II in Luton, the track is the first spark in what could be a big year for the band. Time to climb on board for their ride is now with Til It’s Gone.

RingMaster 09/01/2013

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