Psychogod: Alone


Infusing and manipulating the best essences of multiple genres, Alone the debut album from Romanian metallers Psychogod, is a strikingly mighty and formidable introduction to a band which you can only assume will become a widely acclaimed name in the future going by this impressive release. Aggressive and accomplished, the eight track album combines the sinews and invention of groove, black, and industrial metal with the abrasive muscle of hardcore and thrash to create a riveting and contagious slab of prime destruction. The fact that you get the sense the band is still evolving their sound into a truly distinct rage makes the release even more staggering and thrilling.

The band was formed in 2009 by guitarist Dank and vocalist Cristina and has since lit up stages alongside bands such as Furnaze, Infected Rain, Code Red, Deadeye Dick, Deliver The God, Vepres, and many more. With their sound evolving to bring a deep mix of styles and flavours into a rapidly impressing result the band garnered plenty of acclaim from media and fans alike and found itself playing the main stage of OST FEST 2012 with Overkill, Exodus, Dimmu Borgir and Motley Crue in 2012, before working on and unleashing their first recorded introduction to the world.

The album thunders through the ear immediately with the rampaging malevolence of Godphobia. It is a pace building avalanche of01 Front carnivorous riffs, senses exploiting rhythms, and rabid pestilence driven growls from Cristina. From predatory prowls to rampant surges of merciless intensity the track shifts and teases wonderfully leaving one breathless and excited throughout the song and for what is to follow. The immense delivery of Christine is outstanding, her voice and attack bringing the best elements of an Otep Shamaya and Krysta Cameron (Iwrestledabearonce) and more. She is sensational on the album matching and driving the equally important sounds to darker corners and deeper ravenous exploits.

From the mighty beginning the album brings its erosive qualities to bear with Against the War. From the pummelling rhythms of drummer Andrei and exhausting basslines of Dragos to the grinding riffs and melodic taunting of guitarists Dank and Mausy, the track captivates and bleeds enterprise all over the ear and beyond. It is a pleasing mix of resourceful emotive weaves and unchained intensity which maybe does not reach the heights of the opener but leaves a deeply appetising taste to devour again and again.

The pinnacles of the album are pushed again and again throughout its length, the excellent Rise just one of many massive highlights in one lofty experience. With energy churning riffs and a viciously growling bass to match the expanse of vocal insidiousness, the track is a devastating squall of noise and intensity to greedily bask within. Cristina offers serpentine squeals to lick the ear with infectious seductive treachery within the pleasingly challenging and contagious sounds, and under its assault only rich pleasure is borne.

Through the title track and the following Blind the band offers something different and intriguing again, the first a winding spire of punchy rhythms and twisted sadistic grooves whilst the second is a brutal and rapacious contention for the ear. Arguably less captivating than other tracks both songs are a fury of imagination and bruising invention which leaves only acclaim on the lips. They also continue to show the good variety within the constant brawl of sound to make each track new and enthralling.

The heavy metal fired We Are Not makes for a fiery companion with its battling breath and pressing intensity to again bring yet another spice to the release whilst the final pair of songs, Inferior and Gunshot, completes an exceptional album with more striking quality and power, the last track especially a corrosive and violent treat.

Alone is an excellent inventive fury which will thrill and intoxicate any extreme metal fan. It shows in Psychogod a band on a steep rise with imagination and power to match, which hopefully the world will soon catch on to starting here.

RingMaster 07/01/2013

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