Dirty Little Rebel: Tend To Offend EP

Dirty Little Rebel

Dirty Little Rebel

From the stomping opening to the Tend To Offend EP there is an immediate captivation which just does not let go until the last note of the final track fires off in to the sunset. The EP is the debut release from UK rockers Dirty Little Rebel, a band young in its life but with a richness of maturity and pedigree to its sound. It is also a thoroughly thrilling and enterprising riot of energy, heart, and devilment.

Formed in early 2012 by Rebel Rogers (lead vocals and guitar) and Dizzy Dee (drums and backing vocals), the Cambridge duo who had previously played together in earlier bands, set about recording a wealth of songs, eighteen demos over four months, as they searched for the right bassist. The line-up was completed with the joining of J during the summer with the trio then returning to the studio to record a quintet of songs which make up Tend To Offend. Their sound takes essences from influences like Motley Crue, Sex Pistols, Iggy and the Stooges, New York Dolls and the Ramones, combining the flavours with a further distinct punk and dirty rock spicery. The result is a sound and release which does not exactly rip into new avenues for rock n roll to explore but nevertheless creates riots which are fresh and invigorating within familiar parameters. The EP is accomplished, energetic, and insatiably eager to fire up your aural deviancies, what more could one want from a bruising storm of a rock n roll party.

The intro march of the opening track Sleaze Driven Army is an instant attraction soon rammed home by thumping rhythms and 149792_364258363670774_1598753078_ninfectiously hooked riffs which have more than a passing glance to the caped crusader. The growling vocals of Rogers squall perfectly over the fiery guitar wash and prowling bass licks whilst Dee continues to jab and barrack the ear for a full and willing submission. It is a song you know before hearing it without guessing what guise it will come in, an immediate buddy for the heart and ready instigator for limbs and voice. In many ways the track with its compulsive power and insatiable hooks is the biggest highlight of the EP. The release continues to deliver quality satisfying sounds throughout its remaining songs though most just miss finding the same plateau as the first whilst still leaving one drooling in pleasure.

The following Suzie blazes across the ear next, the track an intriguing mix of eighties sleaze and nineties hard rock brought with the vocal spite and punk breath of the Murderdolls. It is a corruptive fire of great guitar teasing and expressive venom delivered through a bar room like confronting presence. The switch in gait from an eager riling up of the senses to a malice tinged atmospheric aural stare is excellent to further make the song standout amongst other like-minded tracks and sounds which have emerged over the past year.

Devil Show is soon stepping up to offer its own slice of muscular mischief and ignite another wash of pleasure to tidal wave through the senses from its thunderous barrage of rhythms and enterprising invention. It has a stronger punk spine to its presence than on the previous songs which for personal tastes is when the band really bitch slap rapture into action and leave one the most satisfied. This track easily has one nodding in unity to the intent of the track whilst its successor Reckless Love just has one dripping with lust for its again punk driven barbed hooks and flesh kissing wantonness. Though earlier we said the opener was the biggest highlight this song is the favourite, its lustful and contagious sounds sheer joy and naughtiness inspiring.

Too Hard To Resist closes the EP and is the only song which could not switch on any real positive reactions, though it is from a personal dislike of eighties glam/sleaze rock which heavily soaks the track than from any real failing by the song itself; if the likes of Motley Crue and Skid Row switch on your light this song will be certainly appreciated.

Tend To Offend is a great release and one suspects the introduction to a band in Dirty Little Rebel which is going to make big strides and spark acclaimed riots in the future.


RingMaster 31/12/2012

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