Television 60’s: Celebr-hate


   Celebr-hate is one of those albums for all of its flaws and limitations you just cannot help liking, and maybe more than you know you should. Italian rockers Television 60’s is a band who create honest and undemanding dirty rock n roll seemingly schooled in the essences of Motley Crue, Backyard Babies, and Johnny Thunders and the Heartbreakers. It is not overtly original, at times it verges on ordinary creatively, but man is it fun.

Formed on a drunken escapade in Scotland on new Year’s Eve 2005 by bassist/vocalist Mikki and drummer Cioxxx, the pair returned home to Bergamo to rehearse and work on getting the band up and running. Realising they needed more to their sound than just the two of them guitarist Frizz was enlisted along with a vocalist. The singer came and went followed by another before Mikki stepped forward to do the duties himself. Since expanded by second guitarist Maark, the band unleashed  Celebr-hate, their second album, a couple of months back and though it will not challenge best of lists it is a pleasing brawl to party to.

The album is flooded with punk attitude and garage punk sounds fused with classic metal, its middle finger stance as infectious as 551904_10151057254632029_1123477480_nyou can imagine and its anthemic breath at times irresistible. The release takes its time to persuade ear and thoughts to its emerging qualities though with the opening pair of songs doing a satisfying job but little more. Bad Behaviours and Generation (Again & Again) are accomplished slabs of rock n roll but feel slightly stale due to a lack of originality. The first has a Sex Pistols like kick to it, especially with the Lydon like vocals of Mikki, and does a good job of inviting further participation in the release of interest and toe tapping.  The guitars are a fiery enjoyment as is the gang chorus which is impossible to resist but overall the song lacks a spark to ignite anything more than passing interest. The same can be said of the second though again it does enough to make a companion worthy of time spent with it.

Things suddenly lift off with the following Don’t Call Back. It is a pulsating beat thumping treat with niggling guitar riffs and crouching basslines which feel like they could leap upon the ear at any moment to ravish flesh. It is a slow stomp of slightly bluesy intent and riveting guitar play speared by much stronger and expressive vocals, and again ultimately anthemic in chorus and group ear slaps. The strong compulsive groove  spearing the track is a further greedy lure into a song which tells you more about the band and their promise than the previous two.

Sex Circus and Seek Salvation, Find Damnation continues the rise in appeal and charge creativity. The wanton seductiveness of hooks and rhythms of the first reminds of another Italian band Houston! whilst the other explores wider melodic enterprise than shown before on the release to push the boundaries of the bands songwriting. It is still uncomplicated but thrusts thoughts into a bruising filth clad stroll of heart capturing adventure. Both tracks again offer little new but fires up familiar traits for a varied furnace of easy to devour rock n roll. This consecutive trio of songs is the heart of the album and the strongest most enthralling part of its presence.

The album brings a raw bruise with Get Wasted which is an easy to get on with muscular dance before ending on the less inspiring Messaline and the great closing title track. The last song leaves with the band doing what it does best, fighting on the dance floor with scorched contagious hooks and abrasive in your face attitude and energy.

Celebr-hate is an album you will pick at and maybe criticise a little but also one which will have your voice and limb playing an eager part in the feisty engagement. It has its faults but you have fun in its presence and really that is what it is all about.

RingMaster 19/12/2012

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