Motorfingers: Black Mirror


Bringing a diverse and strong mix of styles to their rock sound, Italian band Motorfingers is one of those bands you know once heard you will be paying attention to all they do in the future. Black Mirror is their debut album and a release which lights up the passions with its eclectic breath and stirring presence. It is not actually a record which opens new doors for rock but one which comes up with imaginative and thoughtful uses of existing flavours to captivate from start to finish.

Formed in 2008 by guitarists Max Barbolini and Andrea Spezzani with the intent of creating original music inspired by their love of overseas rock music, the band went through a few line-up changes before finding stability with the addition of vocalist Claudio Corrado, bassist Mauree Novelli, and Alex Gualdi on drums. Their debut EP MSC was well received with two tracks being included on the soundtrack of the movie Spark Preludio. Following an intensive time gigging with further acclaim garnered, second EP Brand New Skin in 2010 made a positively welcome appearance before the band set to work on their first album the following year. Released via logic(il)logic Records earlier this year, Black Mirror is nine tracks of blood pumping energy and fluid creativity which pulls essences from the likes of Velvet Revolver, Nickelback, Metallica, Black Label Society, and Faith No More into its absorbing mix. It is an unpredictable record with inventive twists and well-structured songwriting throughout, a release which at the end of the day leaves a fully satisfied and contented listener.

The album saunters up to the ear with the initial beckoning guitar lures and strong rhythms of opener Bastards and Saints. 480931_10150948106541328_1333225824_nHaving brought attention to bear on its sinewy sound the track relaxes its energy to allow the bass of Novelli to lay a shadowed weave upon the senses whilst vocalist Corrado pushes forward the lyrical content in fine style. The song is undemanding but grips tightly with hot melodic play from the guitars, thumping beats, and the pleasing vocals. The track maybe not become the riot which one was expecting as it began but it is a welcoming invitation to rock hard with accomplished and magnetic sounds.

Dust Over Stone with its heated whispers and compulsive basslines is a strong continuation even if it fails to light the same fires as its predecessor, but with its stylish and skilfully brought sounds it begins to show the good mix of spices and imagination to the release.

The temperature soars with In My Dreams, arguably the best track on the album though a few rival it. Beginning with a hard to soft rock start with a gentle atmosphere admittedly one was not expecting too much from it but was soon put in their place by the evolving journey through sounds. At times it is Seether like then in others offers a slight Linkin Park twist with a progressive tinge. It is an excellent track with further alternative metal tendencies which not for the only time reminds one of UK band Tricore.

Black Mirror is a quality release from first note to last with further heightened pinnacles coming through the evocative gem Mad Crime, a mesmeric slice of thoughtful craft which leaves the senses smouldering , the equally impressive My Soul, and the irresistible Lost. The songs make for a consecutive quartet of treats which lift the album to even loftier acclaim. Each of the tracks keeps you guessing whilst making for a long term friend you feel you already knew with the band turning expectations on their head and seamlessly fusing varied ideas and sounds with majestic ease.

For personal tastes the album slips off of the pedestal it attained before a tad with Fallen Brother, Out Of Control, and Here I Am, and it is merely that the songs take a less adventurous trip through their hard rock influences to offer a presence of less appealing sources. It has to be declared too that each of the songs ignite the passions with infectious hooks, finely shaped invention, and enthused energy which will thrill most rock fans. The second of the trio has a grinding riffing to it which has excitement flaring throughout and makes this demanding freak  doubt his view of the song constantly and pleasingly.

Black Mirror is a fine album which will please melodic metal and hard rock fans alike. Motorfingers is a band on the march with sounds to match, you need to check them out.

RingMaster 19/12/2012

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