Boneworm: Self Titled

Boneworm - Boneworm s-t - burp_wizzwierd_COVER

It may be only of three tracks but the debut release from US doom sludgers Boneworm is a formidable and epic encounter which gnaws away at the senses and emotions whilst rewarding them with something with an originality which is almost intangible yet openly enthralling. Whether it can be called an album or EP is immaterial, the fact that it is a bruising caustic soundscape split into three distinctly different but equally compelling light sapping descents into doom clad realms of the highest order, the only thing of relevance. It is an exhausting journey which is at times as brutal as it is perpetually magnetically absorbing and compelling.

From Portland, Oregon, the trio of guitarist Tim Burke, bassist Dave Becker, and drummer Chaz Rocker, create landscapes of burdensome intensity which inspire rather than deplete ones energies though they are masterful in dragging one into sonic wastelands borne of a crumbling and devastated existence. Musically the heavily soaked heart of the songs bring the persistent heat of sludge metal to bear on the Cascadian cast doom breathing loudly throughout, with additional flames of seventies psychedelia and classic rock to inflame fires, though they smoulder and blister rather than emerge as full rages.

Sickness opens up the album and slowly evades the psyche with its melodic grazes which crawl all over the senses like sonic leeches, bleeding out and sucking up last remnants of hope and light. The challenging vocals soon join the affair, their equally ponderous energy bred from the same seeds as the sounds, to effectively add aggressive weight to the climbing intensity. Heavy though the track is, there is plenty of raptorial melodic enterprise from the guitars which align themselves to the carnivorous titan riffs for a constant captivation, the grooved and sizzling uncluttered manipulations as infectious and masterful as the tracks are ultimately erosive.

The deeply impressive start continues into Crater, a track which without moving too far away from its predecessor unveils a caliginous presence to offer open evolution to the overall stance of the release. Despite its darker tones evoked by the smothering rhythms and outstanding corrosive basslines, the track brings temperance to its shadows through transfixing guitar conjurations. They are shimmering yet caustic caresses of seductive wizardry coated in seemingly insidious intent. The track does not ignite the same passion within as the first but equals its height in stature and sinister grandeur.

Closing upon the primal eloquence and unforgiving encroachment of The Call, the release is one which only spores strong attraction its way such the craft and immense emotive depths which wrap themselves tightly within. Like the final track which is a chilling lingering embrace taking an eternity to expand the  whole of its deliciously torturous expanse seeping potent venom, the album leaves one gasping in satisfaction and throbbing involuntarily from the salted abrade offered. It is an excellent release which brings something notable and new to doom/sludge metal, something which truly excites now and in regard to the future.

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RingMaster 10/12/2012

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